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Are You A Human? Or Are You An Robot? Or Are You Just Rich?

There’s so many “professional’ blogs out there on WordPress that make me wonder if this is really is written by a human. Like this is a blog not a fucking essay. Blog as you like not by what fits the grammar rules. Some people blog like, “Yesterday i saw a very odd man in his mid 90s. He has a good sense of humor too. I find it rare that he’s single.” Like shut up you bore me. When instead i would say, “Yesterday i saw this very weird old man. He’s so funny tho. I just hope someone his age loves him so that he can calm his balls by talking to me. That’s if she’s a weirdo too.” This is a fucking blog not a book or essay. I understand that’s your choice of writing style but come on! If you seek for blog readers i can already tell you that you won’t get very many. Unless that person is weird as you.

There this Indonesian blog on WordPress , http://koreanindo.net/, that blog in Indonesian about gossip. Like really? Your blog is the most read blog on wordpress. Atleast blog about the last time you had sex. Not about Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. The Indonesians can just go on E! or perez hilton for that shit and google translate. Use your power for good and laughs! Like shit. I might as hack your blog and do it myself (which i wont. I’m not that smart).

Like this blog, http://humanity777.wordpress.com/, Blogs in god knows what language. Like i’m not that smart enough to read internet code or whatever it is. Since its written in internet code i’m convinced that your an online robot or genarator. And you still get like 50 likes. Like shit. I’m jelous! I write a blog post about how thankful i am about my readers and i get 2 likes. I’M BEING NICE AND I GET 2 LIKES. That’s no fair you robot! I appreciate you like a blog post of mine but how am i suppose to return the favor if i can’t read or understand your blog? I’m a giraffe. Not a robot.

This blog post is a short written post giving a tip and it has 86 likes. LIKE HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? Are you rich enough to get likes or something? If so, give me money and the site! Cause i’m desperate to make myself seem cool (not really).

This bitch gets hundreds of likes just for posting pictures. PICTURES. Not words but pictures. Gosh your so lucky! I wish that would happen to me. Give me some promo!

I need answers (not really. I just wrote this to express my feelings. Hopefully no heart feelings are broken. If so, blame it on Mitt Romney. That rich white bitch is the one cheating to not pay taxes. HE’S NOT HELPING THE COUNTRY.)

5 thoughts on “Are You A Human? Or Are You An Robot? Or Are You Just Rich?

  1. Maybe those bloggers just have a ton of friends and family reading their blogs and those are all the “likes”. What if you were the first stranger to read the blogs you mentioned, how exciting for that blogger, right? They aren’t any more popular than you or me, not really in the grand scheme of things….but I don’t know what that scheme is. I haven’t found a blog about that yet.

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