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How I Spent My Thanksgiving

Well i did nothing really. I woke up so late (10 AM). After breakfast my mom made me get a haircut so my mom’s boyfriend took me to get a haircut. Cause he loves to give me a haircut. I hate getting them. I love my hair. Good thing its not too short. The lady cut the sides with a size 4 and the top by scissors. The lady was pretty nice too. Too nice. She wouldn’t stop talking. I’m so awkward. All i would do is do a small laugh or smile. She must of thought i found her annoying cause she told me that she talks alot. What a normal person would do is just shut up. But she didn’t. She would go on and on and talk about Black friday how its not worth it, how she hates cooking, how she has no kids, and how surprised she was that i’m tall (she must of never seen a tall giraffe). Bitch shut up, i don’t give a fuck just give me a haircut.  I ended up giving her 2 dollars of tip since she did try an effort to start a convo. Then after that my moms boyfriend had to go to his house to get some clothes and he took forever. I was just waiting in the car for 40 MINUTES. Good thing i brought my iPod. If i hadn’t i would of gone inside his house and grab him from the ear. I just hate it that he took forever cause i wanted to go to Walmart with my mom. I hate walmart but i love Starbucks that’s next door. I could of really needed some coffee. Especially a frappe. I was so mad. I could of told my moms friend to take me but i didn’t have any money on me and i was a bit embarrassed to tell him. Once i got home i told my mom and she took me when we were off to get lunch. I was so happy, And hyper. Well not hyper but i just wouldn’t stop talking. I told my sister and my mom so many cheesy knock knock jokes until the got annoyed at me and ignored me. I would also say some really random comments too. I would say, “Why did they add a sticker to our Tacos? Is it cause its thanksgiving?” When really all the sticker said was, Drive through special. Then it was time for thanksgiving dinner. We went with to a long time family friends house to eat tamales. The tamales were so good. Well they were okay i’ve had some delicious ones. It was so awkward too. In so many ways.

  • We each had to say something we were greatful for. I thought real mexicans don’t do this but i guess these do. All i said, “What my mom said.” My mom said that she was greatful for our health and that we are greatful we got invited as part of the family. When really i’m thankful for my blog and music. But it’s just so awkward for me to say it. They all don’t even know i have a blog so.
  • When we were all having dinner some of the guys were all talking to me and all i would say, nothing. When they asked what up with me. When really i was just bored
  • One of the guys, who’s 18 in high school, told me to go to his New Years party cause he’ll have some really hot bitches there. Yeah i’ll make sure i’ll go to a friends house that day. My response was a fake mini laugh and a smile.
  • I was so bored and awkward in the between the adults laughing really loud in my ears, i went into the house and played with the little kids. Which wasn’t so awkward. For once in my life.

And after that i came home. Today was not the best day but a good day.  4 years ago was the best thanksgiving ever. And that was when i went to my dad’s sisters house. Back when they really gave a fuck about me.

Tonight i want to dream my potential great times in las vegas. I’m so excited! I’m going to vegas tomorrow for the weekend. I’m so excited! Hopefully i’ll see somebody famous. And don’t worry, i’ve scheduled some blog posts for the weekend. Hopefully i’ll be able to blog at vegas telling you about my day. One thing i’m looking forward to is, listening to Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry. I do that every time i go.

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