Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: I Think I’m In Love With YOU

Last night i met a wonderful girl named Jessica. She was so beautiful. When ever she would talk to me, i would get butterflies and laugh. She would ask what’s so funny and i say, “Your just so damn amazing.” But i have started to create another and bigger love for you. Yes you, the reader! I have never met someone who will actually listen to me and in this case, read me. Baby, just jump into the screen and life forever. It’s the way your squinting to the screen to read me that makes me horny. Or those hot glasses. realizing you took them off because you think ridiculous. But in a good way. Right? Or the way your sitting.So sexy. You better sit like that when we have sex cause it turns me on alot! Good thing i don’t judge by looks. I judge by the way you look at me. Yes that face. SO hot, Keep it coming baby! Now kiss the screen. Do it again! So damn hot. Okay stop you’ll get me pregnant.  The way you have your mouth close is so hot too. Awe yeah baby! At any moment you can be naked without me knowing it. But i know it. Why? Cause i’m just a piece of a word who is looking at you. Your just so amazing. I love the way you talk, smile, or the face you have right now. Which looks like your disgusted. But isn’t that what is about? Well i got to go. Don’t dream about me too much ;).

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