Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving! Wow i can’t believe its thanksgiving! The end of the world is on its way! Lol. Just kidding. You’ll know it’s the end of the world when i blog about my madness and reaction. This year has been such an amazing year. Why? Because for the first time in my life i have made a good decision by creating this blog. This year i’m greatful for you, my readers. Your comments, likes and follows, have made me a very happy guy this past three months. I just can’t believe someone actually spends time reading my shit no matter how ridiculous  desperate, sad, or happy i may seem through my blog posts. It’s makes me a very happy tall giraffe. Its about 5:38 PM here in california so i hope you will or had, a great thanksgiving meal. I know i will. I’m going to have Tamales the mexican way! Even though i’m white washed who still speaks spanish and american with mexican parents. It’s complicated. So today i want to be thankful for you and hopefully you all don’t go anywhere and still read my blog. Happy thanksgiving! And may all your goble goble dreams come true (so cheesy, i know).

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