Daniel What Inspires You?

Me doing the famous Cher Lloyd grunt in her song, Want U Back.

What inspires me? Music. I feel that there’s always a connection to my writing and music. What kind of music? Dance pop. I love Lady gaga, Lana Del Rey, Cher Lloyd, and Marina and the diamonds. I just love them all so much because they’re all unique and know how to make a Giraffe (me). But why dance pop? Because it makes me want to dance. Dancing makes my brain bubbly (yes i just made that word up, or at least i think i do) and that’s when the thoughts and words come to action.

I always have to listen to music to wake up on my brain and get ready to blog. One day i was so exhausted i was listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album Paradise in order to in the blogging mood.

I have many ways i can get inspired. I either listen to a great dance pop song and i feel inspired to write. For example, i once had the house to my self and started to dance my ass off to How To Be A Heartbreaker By Marina And The Diamonds and started to push my butt out and dance and felt inspired to write How To Be A Giraffe.

I also get inspired by listen to new music. Once i bought Cher Lloyd’s new album i felt super inspired to write a Fiction Friday about Cher Sucking C**ks. I know that post is very explicit but one good thing to do with your creativity is to honor it. No matter how crazy or weird it is. And in my case no matter how kinky the post maybe.

I once i was inspired by Nicki Minaj rapping fast and out of nowhere i came to mind a potential blog post to write about me hosting the VMAS. I can listen to any silly and catchy song and get random thoughts in my head.

I once came to the discovery of a kid dancing to Want U Back by Cher Lloyd. That song was forever stuck inside my head and got inspired to blog about my discovery to Cher Lloyd.

The only similarity about all of these ways is that i dance to the music. I dance to the song no matter how ridiculous i look or seem. You may think, well lucky Daniel. He can listen to music any time and feel inspired in an instant. Which is very wrong. I wish though. That only happens when i’m in a good mood and when i listen to good music for the first time. Without Music i wouldn’t be the blogger i am today and my life would have no flavor.

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