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M- My, L-Life, I- Is, A-a, M-Mess.

I guess you could say that my life is a mess cause im one big homwrecker. Just like the song Homewrecker by Marina and the diamonds. Or at least i think i do.

Kelcie, my best friend more like ex best friend, is getting so annoying. And i’m coming to an conclusion that she’s bi polar. She’s always saying that’s she’s mad at me and then the next day she’s like hey! As if nothing has happened. Bitch don’t pretend like nothing happened yesterday. Yesterday she called me in the middle of me watching Catfish. I told her i’ll call her later cause i’m watching tv. She said,”Really Danie!? Wow.” Bitch for the first time in my life my Catfish blog posts are getting popular than any other blog post. After i was done blogging i called her. She was saying, “So you rather stay home sitting on your butt all day on tumblr than to hang out with me when i need you the most.” First of all she didn’t even tell me she “needed me” on Sunday. Second of all, yes i do. It’s my week off and i want to have some quality time in my house cleaning and having time for myself. Anyways i saw her on Saturday at the mall. But only for a little while cause i got there a little late on a last minute call, cause my mom was going to make a payment so why not see Kelcie. She was telling me, “I don’t want to fight with you right now but i don’t know if you notice but i’m always the one who chooses when to hang out. And your never there when i need you. That’s like not a best friend” Bitch then find another best friend. My response was, “That’s because i’m busy the day you want to hangout, And the reason why i never reply is because i’m always busy” And then she shut up. Or at least i think i do. Back to our phone convo we had yesturday. And third of all I’m not sitting on my butt on tumblr all day. I only go on about 1 hour a day. Which is like 20 minutes, time 3 times a day. I may not seem busy but i am. Everyday i’m cleaning my room because my bitchy mom tells me to do it… And that’s about it. But being me is still a busy thing to do.

Mine and Kelcie’s conversation yesterday may “fixed” our friendship. But i don’t know if i’m ready to be her “best friend” again. She’s always depressed and its getting very annoying. Like everyday your sad or crying. I text you, Hey what’s up. And she says, Crying. And then i say, awe why you crying. And she says, about a lot of things. And then i say, like what? And then she says, It’s a long story. And my reply is, I’m sorry. Gosh it’s so annoying. Like just tell me why your depressed. It would save us so much time and a couple steps backward from getting carpal tunnel. And when she is depressed it’s because she’s having boyfriend problems, or because she misses someone who passes away. And then when i call Kelcie she seems fine. Like 5 minutes ago you were crying and you seem fine now. Either she’s bi polar or she’s just lying. Lying that’s shes crying or that’s she’s depressed. I have no fucking clue what to think right now.

All of this crazy madness chaos is making me remember that i really don’t have any close friends. No friends that i talk to everyday. And then i remembered that i have Zayn. The man of my dreams. Okay not my dreams but could be. He was my date last Friday. I could ask him if he wants to be my lover but i don’t want to speed things up and make him think i’m a creep. Maybe after the second date i will ask him. We text all day and at the end of the day we facetime. Well sometimes. Yesterday we did though. After my conversation i called Zayn on facetime and told him everything. It was nice that i had someone to talk to and someone who could listen to me. We were having some really weird conversations too.  We were making some weird faces, talking about Azealia Banks and our potential being in her video Atlantis. My friends ask me all the time, Do you like him? And to this point i have no clue. I think i do. I just don’t want to fall for him hard and end up heartbroken. Especially right now when i have no clue if he likes me or not.

4 thoughts on “M-LIAM

  1. i.m sorry that i havent been a best friend like we are suppose.
    we need to hang out :) more.
    you should make a post about the hunger games lol XD

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