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Catfish Episode 2: Let’s Dance Like The Exoctic Dancer’s We Are

Well atleast this person wasn’t a girl. But shit! Once i saw the commercials i would giggle every time it came on. The part when trina said, “We found true LOVE.” Lol! I would imatate it every time. Even thinking about it makes me crack up.

My first reaction to trina was, ew she’s ugly. But once i saw her in HD with the big cameras, not on skype, she really is hot.

I actually thought he was true and a real person but turns out he’s not. It would be so cool if he was an exotic dancer like her. Imagine them when it comes to bed. “Oh baby! Dance dance dance.” And they dance out to the song, Dance ass with the Nicki Minaj remix. That would be so hilarious. Your probably thinking, ew no Daniel i don’t want to imagine that. Trust me, once you see the episode and see Trina and Scorpio you would admit they’re both pretty hot.

When it came to the “investigation” i thought he just changed his name for identity proctection. Cause that’s what i would do. I wouldn’t trust any hoes online. In this episode Trina wanted to find out if Lee also known as Scorpio was real (For more details watch the show!). And turns out he is a guy but not the one in the pictures. And Trina was depressed because he’s not who he said he was. He said he lied because he was scared she wouldn’t like him for who he is. He clamed he was an exotic dancer named Scorpio with abbs and good looking. But in real life he was a just a normal guy but not a dancer or with abbs.

In a way i understand trina is heartbroken but you guys have been talking for a year. Like give him a chance. He has been there for you the whole time anyways.

They would be a cute couple though. Now this time she could be the dancer and he would the audience. Lol! Okay i’ll stop. He may be chunky but he seems like a really nice guy.

Next weeks episode is about a girl who has been talking to her for 10 years! 10 years is so much. I would probably get so bored talking to the chic after 4 years. But maybe they have a close/good relationship. I say this episode really is who he says he is in the pictures. I guess we’ll see next week.

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