Sticks & Stones Album Review

I love stick & stones. I even have the cd version. And that’s very rare for me. One good advantage about this is that there could be an iPod Apocalypse and i could still listen to my fave, Cher Lloyd. I bought this album the day it came out and been looking forward to the album since August when i discovered the AOL sessions. And once i heard the lyrics i feel in love and became a brat (Cher Lloyd’s nickname for her fans). And on September 18th, it was the day my inner brat gave birth. Once it came out on midnight i was just on the floor of my room, in the dark (i was suppose to be asleep) jamming to the song demos. And when it was September 18th morning, i was begging my mother to take to target after school to let me buy the album. Which was a tough one cause my mom was very strict on saving my money but she took me. In every CD i buy has a story to it. The story to this album is the mother chaos in the morning and on my way to target i saw my teacher driving. OMG that was so awkward! I waved to her and then looked at the street. Haha. But still awkward. It’s after school i don’t want to see her. The whole day i was listening and jamming to Cher Lloyd and even today, i listen to the album every day. I even made some Keek’s of me jamming out to Grow up. Which is a shocker cause i’m awkward.

  1. Want U Back- One of my favorite songs on the album and the song that led me to the discovery a brat. I’ve listened to the song over the summer and when i came home from my trip to mexico i watched the video and really listened to the beat, lyrics and singing tone. I fell in love. And then i checked out her other video’s and that’s when i became a brat. They were so amazing. And the AOL sessions were so amazing. But anyways back to the song. It’s a great song to jump and sing. And also a great way to start your morning cause those beats in the song are a bitch. You wouldn’t resist not dancing. Plus the grunt in the song are so catchy. The song would boring without the grunt. And Cher’s voice. I just can’t wait til i go to her concert and all the brats will be singing along.
  2. Grow Up- Another one of my favorites. Actually i love all the songs on the album. This song is like my anthem. Psh i’m never going to grow up. I’m still going to blog using the word bitch until i die. Even when i’m an old grandpa. And this song is EXACTLY what i mean. “I got a flow that’ll make you drop I got a flow that’ll make you pop I got a flow that’ll make your mother and your father call the cops We’re gonna make this thing go blow, we’re gonna system overload. We’re gonna be the generation that makes everything explode!” “Somehow, some way We’re gonna have it our way We don’t give a what, what you say No we don’t” “We ain’t ever gonna grow up We just wanna get down Tell the DJ turn it up real loud No we’ll never grow up And if we had our way We would do this everyday We ain’t ever gonna grow up We just wanna get down Show everybody who runs this town No we’ll never grow up And if we had our way We would do this everyday” 100% true.
  3. With Ur Love- The song is so catchy. If i’m ever in love with someone, this song is totally going to be my jam foreva. My favorite lyrics to sing to is: “Flying Baby I’m shining baby I’m riding with ur love One hit baby I can’t quit baby I’m so sick but so what Flying Baby I’m shining baby I’m riding with ur love One hit baby I can’t quit baby I’m so sick but so what” I go crazy at this part. Even though i have a lousy voice.
  4. Behind the music- Another one of my fave’s, obvi. The song is so amazing. I love to sing along to this song. Especially when i’m in the car. I just don’t know why. I just feel at best when i listen to this song in the car. Well when its moving obviously. I don’t know how to say this but its obvious Cher is true when it comes to music. Not fake.
  5. Oath- Omg. I love this song! I just wish i have a best friend so that we could sing and blast to this song. It would be our anthem. The beat and the lyrics are so catchy. I’m glad Cher made this song a single. People around the country will have to listen to it on the radio. And so that i could jam out to it.
  6. Swagger Jagger- A great electronic song. I was just dancing to this song when i was walking around my house (I get very bored, especially on thanksgiving break). I think this song is at best when your home alone so that you can dance around the house with out anyone watching you. That’s what i do.
  7. Beautiful People- A great acoustic song. I loved this song when i saw the AOL session. I just hope this didn’t really happen to Cher. I just hate it how Cher has one verse. But its  such a good song tho.
  8. Playa boi- A great hip hop slash pop song. The lyrics are so catchy and make you want to dance til you drop. This song is also my anthem. So don’t you mess with me!
  9. Superhero- Okay how should i say this, I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG. Hope Cher makes this song her next single. It super catchy and great sing along. I feel like i’m Cher Lloyd when i sing along to this song. One of my favorite lyrics from her music is in this song and its, “You hurt me. You hurt me and no not physically. Aint got no bumps or bruises to show people what your doing to me.” Plus i go hard when it comes to me singing the bridge. I almost loose my breath but who cares i love it! This song reminds me of my ex. Hate that bitch.
  10. End Up Here- A great sorta acoustic song.  This song is sorta sad but not so depressing cause its catchy. Cher, you play this song well. You’r my musical soul.
  11. Talkin’ That (only available on Target edition)- I love this song too. A great rap slash pop song. When ever i sing and listen to this song i feel so gangsta and that’s when my booty comes in. I just love this song so much. I just love the part when she says,” Haters haters haters haters” Don’t know why. I just do.
  12. Over The Moon (only availble on Target edition)- A great pop song. I can already see the video in my head. Cher lloyd on the moon covered with ICEE drinks as rivers. The song reminds me of the jetsons. Maybe that should be her music video. “I’m over the moon doing my thang and i won’t come down.” <— That’s me when i’m busy blogging.
  13. RIOT! (bonus album track)- A great sing along pop song. I just love it so much. I just can’t wait til i sing along to this song at her concert just like Cher wants us to. CAUSE ITS A RIOT RIOT! EVERYBODY STAND UP ITS A RIOT RIOT! PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP!

Do i recommend this album? Ofcourse i do! If you love catchy pop dance music, this is a wonderful album for you. If it weren’t for Cher Lloyd my life would be so boring. When ever i get bored of depressing Lana Del Rey music, i listen to this album and loose it. As a brat, you better buy this album or else ill kill your first child. Have a nice day!

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