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It’s The End Of The World As We Know it (AND I DON’T FEEL FINE)

I was just laying down on my bed, waking up on brain, and i see posts on tumblr of twinkies and with yesturday’s date. I was like wondering, what the heck is going on. Maybe it’s a joke or something but then i see this fucking post.

With the following comments:







you guys know what this means right

Twinkies were supposed to be able to survive anything

the 66th Seal just broke

wait what happened what’s going on

Hostess is going out of business, and Twinkies, which were supposed to be able to survive the Apocalypse, will be no more. The end is nigh.



I was talking about this to some friends at work, when I stopped and said, “you realize this means we are living in the closest approximation to ACTUAL zombieland, right?”

Holy shit. HOW CAN THIS BE POSSIBLE!?THEY’RE LIKE RICH. I’m not so worried about an zombie Apocalypse cause i’m a giraffe. And giraffe’s can survive anything. But we can’t survive this. I LOVE

hostess zingers. I love them so much. Once i saw the tumblr post i remembered we had some zingers left so went running to my kitchen and ate the last two. THEY WERE SO GOOD. Psh forget saving them and making them last. It’s all about eating them now and remembering this day and moment forever.

I will never forget the wonderful moments i would have with them. The times when i was in the rush in the morning and i would eat a zinger with milk. Or the time when i went to Oxnard and ate two on the way. Or the times when i would buy boxes for my aunts in mexico, who love them. Or the times i would eat them when i was at mexico feeling like i’m in heaven since they don’t sell them there. Or the times i would fight my sister for the last zinger.

I just hope someone buy’s hostess fast! I heard Bimbo was planning on buying the company. Which will be wonderful because if they buy it, most likely they will sell them in mexico. Which will be heaven. JUST HURRY UP! I MISS THEM ALREADY.

I was just looking up online for a box of Zingers from amazon and they’re $21 plus shipping and handling. Now that’s expensive. But worth it.

If there’s going to be an Zombie Apocalypse i can already tell you that i will survive that shit. One cause i’m being positive. And two because i have a best friend who loves zombie’s and is an expert. I’ve never seen Zombieland but i’m sure without the twinkies were going to have an apocalypse. We’ll that is according to fiction movies.  One thing for sure is that i will be blogging about it. If that happens in California obviously. I can already imagine a zombie coming to my door and knocking and i would punch it in the face and it would be dead. Oh but zombies can’t walk on ladders. Never mind than!

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