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My Awkward Date

My date last night was so awkward. Well not really but it was for me. I was going to go to the movies with my friend, which is Zayn (my date)’s friend too, and Zayn’s friend to watch Breaking Dawn part 2. This was the first time i was going to meet him so i was so nervous. I first wanted it just to be me and him but he said that his friend is coming along so i brought my friend, Sarah along too. She said she was going to meet me up infront the theater. So I was just waiting for Sarah outside to come but she was taking forever. Zayn texted me telling me to go inside to wait for him but by the time i saw the text he was already there. When i first saw him i just ran inside the theater, like he told me. I was just not metally ready to see him. I’m so odd, i know. Good thing he didn’t see me when i ran in the theater. Since i already entered, i told him to wait for Sarah outside and then come inside. So i was just at the lobby waiting and i decided to call my friend so that i have somebody to vent to cause i was super nervous. During the whole convo i was saying, “OMG I SEE HIM. HE’S OUTSIDE I CAN SEE HIM. OMG I THINK HE SAW ME. GOOD THING I TURNED AROUND QUICKLY. I HOPE THINGS DON’T GET SO AWKWARD. AH.” And she was encouraging me to go outside with him. So i did. When i first saw him i was like, well he’s not that short. When i first saw him i said hi and went for the hug since he didn’t pull the move. He gave me a semi weak hug. So we were just talking and waiting for Sarah for 10 more minutes, being 20 minutes late. We were just talking about countless random things like about Sarah, the movie, that it was cold, and wondering why Sarah was taking so long. We assumed Sarah wasn’t going to come. She said she will be there at 5PM and it was 5:30 and there’s no show. She probably didn’t come so that i could be alone with Zayn… That cunt. At around 5:20 Zayn’s friend came along with her group of friends. At first they were treating me like i was not part of the group but then Zayn introduced them to me. It was so awkward. She first talked to me talking trash about my school. Bitch you wish your school has the swag we have. Zayn was just talking to his friend i was just to the side listening. The whole time i was thinking, omg this date has gone so cray i’m so going to blog about this. Zayn’s friend is so stupid. Well not stupid but not precise. She said to meet at the movies at 5. So we assumed that were going to watch the movie at 5 so we already bought our tickets. But we weren’t. I guess we were going to go eat or something then the movies. But since we already bought or tickets and i already gave my half of the ticket to the guy who works there we (me and Zayn) were going to Breaking Dawn Part 2. Since we had 10 more minutes til the movie started, we decided to hang out with them so we went to the candy store next door. It was so awkward. Cause Zayn’s friend was saying, “Talk Daniel. Talk so that i know more about you. I need to know the type of people Zayn talks to. Me and Zayn are like best friends. For life.” Talk about what? We just met. Trust me, i’m no freak or danger to Zayn so stop being the love police. And i already know, Zayn told me dummy. I didn’t respond anything i just did a mini laugh and smiled. That’s what i do when i have nothing to say. Cause i’m awkward (Hastag Giraffe problems). Zayn bought candy, i didnt. I prefer’d to buy popcorn at the movies. Everyone else was sampling the candy and i was just to the side being a weirdo. When it was time to leave we left and “we” were going to meet with them after the movie. Finally, just me and him at this date, just like i wanted to all along. I really didn’t want to hang out with Zayn’s friends. What was the point of it anyways? So that i could be left out? Yeah no. Once we entered i remembered that outside food was not allowed so i told Zayn to put his candy in his pocket. He made it so obvious cause the guy who works there, collecting the tickets, saw him and told him, “That was very discreet.” Lol. I thought he was going to make him throw it away or something but i guess not. I first bought some Popcorn and Soda. He probably thought i’m such a big fatass with the huge soda and popcorn. But i was going to share with him so. We got in the theater room just in time. We didn’t talk cause it was movie time. I thought we were going to sit up top but he sat on the bottom row so i assumed he wanted to sit there. And now that i think about it, when he told me he was going to go buy candy, he probably made that up to meet up with his friend or something. That was during the middle of the movie, and then a little after he had to answer a phone call from a friend. It probably was the girls we were with earlier that day. After the movie was over we went outside cause it was time for me to leave. Code for, let me first have daniel get picked up so that he doesn’t come with my friends. Once i called my mom to come pick me up, we realized we left the theater and there’s no way he can go back in anymore unless we go in when somebody walks out and catch the door. So i went along with him pretending like he lost a quarter at the theater, when really he got in so that he could go in the theater room where his friends were at. I also realized that they have cameras. What if they say us go in again without paying!? Security is probably looking at us on the cameras, watching our every move. Omg what if we get kicked out forever or something. But we didn’t go in the theater room. So we (i) was safe for now. Once we got in, we said our goodbyes. And our goodbyes was another weak hug. I was so looking foward to get a kiss from him but no. I even told Sarah to encourage him to kiss me. But since she didn’t come she didn’t tell him. And that was that.

Zayn’s friend probably thought i was so weird. But whatever. I don’t give a fuck. She doesn’t even know me.

My date went just how i wanted it to go but i didn’t get the kiss i wanted. I was even so ready to have This Kiss by Carly Rae Jespsen, be my jam and i was even planning to buy the song. Even during lunch i was mumbling the lyrics to the song and realized it was Carly’s song, since i was so looking foward to that kiss.That’s your lost Carly. But there’s always a next time to get that kiss. THAT’S IF I’M ALIVE.

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