I’m So Awkward At McDonalds

The following picture on the top, is a search term on my blog. Laughing my ass off! Literally. Once i say this i was craking up. How could you be awkward at McDonalds? “Would you like some fries with that?” “Um um um. *smiles*. Yes sure.” Or is it that your hometown is too nice that even if your eating and they don’t know you, they talk to you. Cause that’s understandable but still hilarious. If my hometown were like that i would probably never eat there and take out. And possibly move out of town. I’m not a very social person.

Maybe that person is only awkward at Mcdonalds. If that’s the case i say you have been charmed! I don’t think that’s possible unless with the work of a witch. Or bad luck. I can only imagine how an awkward person could react at McDonalds.

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