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Catfish Episode 1: You Might As Well Been A Blogger

Shit. Shit to the shit. Tonight’s episode of catfish on MTV was so cray. I totally forgot today was the season premier so i watched the re-run. The previews totally made it seem like it was a girl. So the whole time i was wondering if the girl was etheir a lesbian messing with her, hoping to make her lesbian too or that she would hope that she was secretly bi or lesbian too. Or i thought it was really him but he told his sister to pretend it was him, messing with her.

This show is about a guy investigating and putting to lovers, who met online and never met, together and really meet. Today’s episode was about a girl in Arkansas who met a guy who lives in los angeles online via facebook. They have been together for 8 months and had a really close relationship by talking and texting all day, everyday. And turns out the guy is a girl, pretending to be the guy. She’s said she only did it cause, she was the one who sent a request, and was the one who really was there.

At first i was like woah. I wish i had a close love relationship like that. And then at the part when they met in person, i was like omg. My mouth literally opened cause it was all so shocking. I thought she was going to have a mental break down or something but she really did take well. She was brave. Though the girl who lied, is a total bitch. Why would she even do that!? Don’t you feel bad or something!? Don’t you ever get bored or tired of talking to a girl, lying the whole time, pretending your a guy in love, for 8 months? That’s just so crazy. Coming from a blogger who blogs and reads blogs, couldn’t you just blogged about it the whole time!? If you were to blog about your exprience, talking to other guys and girls, i would be your number one fan. Cause that blog would be so interesting. I would have something to laugh about, in my own way. And if you get haters, i would be your little virtual lawyer, on your side, telling those bitches to calm down. And when it came to her confronting the girl, she could say, “I did this for entertainment. To bring wonders, laughs and smiles in the world. I’m so sorry i hurt your feelings but you sorta brought laughs to others.” You already did it so you might as well write about it.

If i was her i would give up after a month. It’s so much commitment. Like how did she do it!? Doesn’t she have a job or something!? In a way i understand that she was bullied in high school but gosh your so mean.

I’m so excited for next week’s episode. I say this story, would be real. And that he truly is who he says he is.

One thought on “Catfish Episode 1: You Might As Well Been A Blogger

  1. Omg that girl was a total lesbian! She just didn’t want to admit it on tv. Lol. Trust me I’m a lesbian I ca spot a lesbian 100 miles away the girl pretending to be a guy? TOTAL LESBIAN. In denial maybe. But look at her? Lol enough said.

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