My EMA’s Prediction’s

I can’t believe the EMA’s are today! Woop woop. I remember last year i was watching it on my laptop while watching Lady Gaga win and perform. I even got into twitter jail because i wouldn’t stop tweeting and retweeting about Lady Gaga. Last year, our fanbase (little monsters, lady gaga fans) voted hard for gaga. And she won big too. We would vote vote and vote like a million times for her. And i hope they did the same this year. Last year i didn’t vote as often as i did last year but i did vote. So these are my predictions on who will win.

Best Song: Obviously the winner is Call me maybe. All of the other songs don’t seem that catchy like Call me maybe. Plus i imagine everyone who voted likes Call me maybe better out of all of the songs in the nomination list.

Best Live: I think this is a though one. I can’t choose between Lady gaga or Taylor swift. But i predict Lady gaga will win this one. I remember last year Lady gaga lost to Katy perry and the whole fanbase was mad and confuse. How could someone who sounds like a rat win best live!? I believe that Gaga is way better at singing live than her.

Best pop: Justin Bieber. Obviously he’s going to win based on his huge fan base. Last year he won it to0(!?)  so maybe he will this year. His song Boyfriend is the shiz. I voted for No Doubt for this one cause i think they are the best pop band ever. I hope they win.

Best new: One direction. Because of the big fanbase. Even though i voted hard for Lana Del Rey, i think she’s going to loose. She’s not that famous. I just PRAY to god she wins this one. One direction already has alot of awards, give it to Lana!

Best female: Taylor swift. Again, based on the huge fan base and won’t move her from the top charts list. I voted constantly for P!nk cause i believe she deserves it. If Nicki Minaj won i would be happy too. But i think Nicki has a better chance winning than P!nk. Sorry. I love you.

Best Male: Justin Bieber. Obviously. Although i do believe Flo Rida has a chance of winning since he’s had number one singles.

Best Hip Hop: Nicki Minaj. Because voters love her music. If she looses, the winner will probably be Drake. Cause all the girls love him.

Best Rock: This is a tough one but my prediction goes to Cold Play. I don’t know why but i think they have some pretty cool songs the people love. I don’t like their music but i know alot of people who do.

Best Alternative: Lana Del Rey. I’m saying this cause i fucking love her and because i believe our huge fanbase voted for her big. Plus she’s the 7th most tweeted person according to the MTV EMA twitter tracker. If she wins i’m going to jump up and down. She deserves all the awards in the world. She just doesn’t have them yet.

Best World Stage: This is a tough one too. But my prediction goes to LMAO. Because they were hugely “hot” in the past. But since Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have big fanbases, i don’t know.  I wish Kesha would win though. She’s so amazing. I’m like becoming her biggest fan right now.

Best Look: Taylor Swift. Even though i believe Nicki Minaj has a potential of winning.

Best Electronic: It’s either David guetta or Skrillex. This is a tough one. But i think David will win cause of all the number one hits he’s had. I voted for Calvin Harris cause i think his music is GANGSTA.

Best Push: Lana Del Rey. I think she’s really has worked hard working and making herself famous rather than Carly when really all she was is a tweet that made her famous. Plus Lana Del Rey is ahead of Carly on the twitter tracker so.

Biggest fans: Lady gaga. Last year we won it. And this year WE HAVE TO HAVE IT. I voted hard for this one cause i wanted to keep our title and i hope the rest of the fanbase did too. Plus statically, we are the biggest fan base. Lady gaga is the most followed person on Twitter.

Best Video: Lady gaga, Marry The Night. I think she’s going to win this one because the EMA workers, believe in hard work and dedication that was put into in the video, so they had to give it to her. Plus she wrote and directed the whole video by herself and its a work of art.

Worldwide Act: Rihanna cause the other people in this category are nobody’s.

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