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Battle of the Best Friends

Well im at panera right now. I came here cause all of the food at the food court sucks. One thing ive noticed is that its expensive. But good.

Today Kelcie, my best friend, was mad at me because i wasn’t there for her. This is the convo:
“Hey! :)” Thats me starting the convo.
“Hi! :) Are you mad at me?”
“At you, yes”
“Oh nothing!”
“Fine dont tell me. Its not going to fix anything if you dont tell me.”
“Um alright than. Ive been there for you when you needes a friend but when i need my best friend, he isnt there.”
“Sorry i dont reply im just always discracted doing other things, i hardly check my phone. Im sorry im not much of a texter.”
“Okay. Next time you need me and i dont text back that means im not going be there for you anymore.” Gosh she’s so mean. I was never this mean to her. She has to be on her period or something cause shes never like this. I was going to reply, fine i dont need you! I have other friends you know… But thats too mean and she’s sensetive. So i said.
“… Why are you so mean?”
“Im just being truthful. Becauese im being treated like trash.”
“Im not even treating you like trash… Im just not texting you back cause im busy. Im not ignoring you.”

And she hasn’t replied. *taylor swift voice* this is like exhausting. We are never getting back together. Like ever. NOOO! Lol. Were not even a couple but she makes it seem like she does. Truth is that i hardly use my phone because i’m always having some me time. And as a blogger, i feel like i have to. To have something published on my blog. Cause this is what i love doing. It’s almost like i’m working. But im not getting paid. I hate it that were fighting right now. But whatever. I’ll just pretend like she’s busy or something. The thing that makes it hard of our friendship is that she lives in a different town, away from me. If we went to the same school we probably wouldn’t have this fight. Daniel you’ve gotten the unexpected.

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