My day

Avoiding Awkward Moments

Today has ben such a cray day. Everybody from my school last year, who graduated, i’ve seen out on the streets and all of them are in the same club as me. How awkward. They were all in the club i was and am in, my schools television show.

First thing in the morning i see an old talent that i got a long with, at her job at Jack in the box. It was super awkward cause its been so long since i last seen her. I first and waved when she first saw me. And then as she passed by, i was ordering my food, and she smiled at me. AWKWARD. Why would i even stare at her!? I’m such a creppy giraffe. And when i was eating, we made eye contact. AWKWARD again. And finally, When i left i said bye to her. That wasn’t so awkward because i left.

And now i’m at the mall alone and as i go to the men’s section of H&M i see another talent graduate from last year and i leave right away. Thank god he didn’t see me. We never even talked and he was the president of the club, so you could imagine how awkward that was. It wouldn’t be so bad if he say me or not but i don’t even know if i should ignore him, say hi, or do the manly head nod. So i just ran out to avoid him seeing me. Plus he would of seen me alone and would think im a loser and don’t have friends. When really i came to the mall because my mom and grandma came shopping and i was just walking around cause i can’t stand waiting for them. And then i went to nordsdroom to use the bathroom (they’re so fancy) and i see the rest of the graduates from the club which are the guy’s friends. They all saw me. I even made eye contact with one of the guys. Omg so awkward. I can already imagine him telling the guy i saw at H&M earlier, “i saw daniel earlier and he was alone. What a loser.” Okay maybe not the loser part but i bet he would be thinking about it. So right now im ouside mcdonalds using the wifi. I want try to avoid them cause i don’t want another awkward moment. And as i was revising this post, i saw a girl, who i dont talk anymore, from my photography class last year. I wonder if she saw me. Could this day get any more awkward!?

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