Starbucks Stories #3

Its been so long since i last blogged so to make it up, i decided to come to Starbucks to write a blog post about all the peasants who come in Starbucks.

I just got here and i love it already.  I asked the lady if they are selling my favorite, gingerbread latte already and she said no, not yet. And so i ordered the cinnamon dolce latte and gave me a discount for the lass of my taste buds who wanted the gingerbread latte. That was so nice. She’s the nicest person i met in Starbucks yet. Usually the people who work here have a mean face and say, “What do you want?” Instead, this lady is like, “Oh your a giraffe! How cool! I’m going to give you a discount just to make you happy.”

It’s so lonely here. Maybe cause its 6:28PM, dark, and super cold outside.

The guys next to me are so weird and nerdy.  They’re 2 guys. One has long Justin Bieber hair. And another one has a huge beard, that could pass as a hobbo, and with the hipster look alike reading glasses. When i first got here the nerdy hipster guy was saying, “You know what would be so funny!? If i was a socialologist (i have no idea what that is) and a  fashion designer at the same time.” Right cause that’s so hilarious.  It doesn’t seem that he loves fashion based on the clothes he’s wearing. The nerdy hipster could pass as an owner of Facebook. Not that he looks like him but he has similar features that makes him a nerd. And now the nerdy hipster is talking about politics. Education politics. BORING! He saying, “Education is the big success of america.” Something something something. And now he’s talking about education being successful after world war 2… How would he know this!? LMAO hes talking about the last debate, how Obama burned Romney. Just like Mcdonalds, i’m loving it. I bet the Justin Bieber kid is bored. For a nerdy singer, i would too. And now the nerdy hipster is talking about China. Based on the way he’s talking he should work for the government. He’s smart! Always talking about how dumb Romney is and was. A girl that’s sitting on the table next to them is staring at them with a, what the heck are they talking about, face. But not anymore. She’s distracted with her carmel frappuchino (Kid’s aren’t suppose to drink coffee anyways). The nerdy hipster kid is bragging about how much American history he knows. And now they both agreed they will stop talking about it. AGREED! You make it hard for me to write about this cause i’m awfully bored. It’s weird how Justin Bieber is drinking coffee and the nerdy hipster isn’t. Um DIVA! And now they are leaving. The guy who works here told them bye and good night, and they just ignored them. Divas.

There this lady on the other side of me doing her homework and on the computer. With her coffee  and panda express drink. It’s like choose one. For me, i see it as an act of rebellion.

A girl just walked in screaming, Adam! And the guy with her said, “Free coffee!” Dude, calm your balls you’re just with her i bet you don’t even know Adam. Diva. That wouldn’t be so fair anyways.

A guy with a group of little kids just walked in too. Oh great. I just hope they aren’t annoying. The guy seems too nice to be their father. Two of the kids are going crazy around the couches. One guy is like punching the windows like he’s hulk. Which he could pass as hulk cause he’s small and wearing green. He seems so aggresive with a huge imagination. The girl is just walking and running around. Oh fuck no the girl just came to me. I’m trying to ignore her as i’m writing this down. Okay she’s gone. She’s leaving anyways.

A guy just sat on the table next to me. AWKWARD. The tables where i’m at are like 4 inches apart. So were pretty close. I hope he doesn’t talk to me. I’m awkward. He’s on his iPhone anyways. Lucky bitch. I wish i have an iPhone.

3 thoughts on “Starbucks Stories #3

  1. I want to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it. I have got you book-marked to check out new things you post…

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