Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party

Seth: Here to give you her opinion about Obama’s presidency is, The girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with. (TGYWYHSACWAAP)


Seth: Hey how do you feel about Obama winning the election?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Okay, i like it. Obama is like rich. He can beat you up at a snap. And when you watch Sponge bob square pants you going to start singing.

Seth; What are you talking about? Why would i start singing?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: I’m talking about Obama seth! We live in an Obama Nation. How do you think Obama feels about it?

Seth: I think he’s happy.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Really cause i thought he was gay. Now can i put my KKK outfit?

Seth: No.


Seth: What do you hope Obama does for the future?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: I hope he gives a paper bag to Romney.

Seth: Why a paper bag?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: To cover his face Seth. Lady Gaga! Come here!

Seth: Lady gaga is here?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Yes! She’s always here. She’s next to me. Don’t you see her!?

Seth: No i don’t

TGYWYHSACWAAP: You need to clean your ears seth. There’s millions of people out there who die from cancer. And there is million’s of cancers that die.

Seth: What are you talking about?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: I’m talking about Madonna!

Seth: Do you think Madonna voted?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: No i don’t think she did. She hates shoes. Now can i please put on my KKK costume really quick?

Seth: No! Why would Madonna hate shoes?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Because she has long hair seth!

Seth: Um okay.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: What do you think teenagers are doing nowadays?

Seth: I don’t know. Studying.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: No seth, they’re being little creeps on the internet. Like yesterday a 11 year old kid like’d my picture on instagram. Now how creppy is that!?

Seth:Very creppy.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Like we should send all the little girls to myspace. Nobody use’s myspace anymore. They are just so full of candy.

Seth: Why candy?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: I’m talking about Halloween seth. How do you think Kesha feels?

Seth: I have no idea what your talking about. How does she feel?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: She says were going to die young. All of the pigs are happy.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Here let me look for a number for this guy who makes wigs. You should call him.

Seth: Well thanks. Do you think Obama will change America?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: I think he already did. He’s black.

Seth: The girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with, everyone!

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Bye! I need a bee wax.

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