My day

Obama Won! My Experience To The Discovery of The Presidency

Obama won! Yes yes yes! Sorry england i’m not coming down there. I’m so happy Obama won. Ah

At 7 i didn’t watch the CNN newscast thingy cause it was Underemployed time. And at that point i didn’t know what was going on. And then my dad called me and told me Obama was losing and i was like shit. Dad, get my bedroom ready i’m moving to Mexico. I saw some of the commercials and it said obama was loosing to romney and started to get mad. But i guess that’s was an old segment. And then after it was over i went on CNN and so far the winning vote was Obama. I was so happy! I told my dad and as a silly billy, he started rejoicing by screaming to his wife about it. While all the votes were in, me and my dad were just talking about how stupid Romney is and how bad he’s feeling because he’s about to lose. And then in an instant Obama had 274 electoral votes. I was so fucking happy! Thank god! Alleyuya! I was so happy. It was tempting to do my victory dance. But instead i started to walk around the house to let all the happy emtions escape, i guess. All i have to say is, Romney just sit the down. Accept it. I told my dad Obama won and did his little, woo hoo scream and was glad he won. He was a Obama surpporter from the start.

It was good to experience the discovery for the president, over the phone with my dad. And we both planned that we were going to Time square just like today, promoting the domocratic family in the 2016 elections. I’m so excited for that. I can already see myself doing that. Ah.

Obama you diserve all the pussy you want, tonight. Your my hero. Okay not really but for tonight, yes.

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