My Political Facebook News Feed

I hardly on facebook but i had to see what others were saying about Obama winning and all of these are too hilarious to share. Here are just some of the posts.


Ha! Bitch calm down. We are not dummed. You are bitch. Plus why scram over facebook? Get get in line and settledown. Plus what facts are you talking about? The fake facts that are on Romney’s website? And have you even seen the likes? NOBODY CARES IF YOUR MAD OR NOT.

20121106-223325.jpg Word! Go away. I really don’t gives a fuck about you unless your my friend so just go. Bye!



20121106-223952.jpg Once i saw this i was like, shit is really going down. I really don’t care what robert says, im on Gamble’s side. He’s so smart. I could of never came up with that comeback. Shit, if my comebacks where as good as his my blog would be the next Perez Hilton. But without the lies.

20121106-224228.jpg Bitch go then. I just don’t want to hear your convo tomorrow about how stupid Obama really is when really he’s a good president.

20121106-224336.jpg I don’t get this joke. Maybe thats why you hardly have any likes. I assume all of the three people who like’d are blonds.

20121106-224503.jpg Again, this makes no fucking sense. English please.

20121106-224545.jpg I don’t think your offending anyone. It’s all over the internet though. Plus your making fun of Obama not the black people so.

20121106-224700.jpg Not just the south. Everyone on my facebook news feed too.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s pointless discussions at school, tomorrow.

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