I Hate Monday’s

Who loves Mondays? I know i dont. It’s the start of a new week at school and work and all you want is something to look foward to. I know i do too. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect show to watch on Mondays but nothing is on but i got a solution! (not really). I think i shall have another marathon blog posts segment thingy, like fiction friday, occuring every Monday. I call it, Paparazzi Monday. I will choose one theme of pictures all in one post. Like today i could of chosen a theme on pictures making fun of Romney. Or a theme of Funny Derp faces. Or Scary looking Dogs. It could be anything. All it would be is pictures.

I’m so excited to start next monday! I have no idea on what it will be about but i’m looking foward to it and i hope so will you. Even if you hate my blog and you want something to laugh at. Or even if you love my blog you’ll have something to laugh too. See where this is going? I’m good.

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