My day

A Giraffe Day

Well today was a boring day. PE was boring. US history and geometry were too.

I came home and my mom’s boyfriend was still home and i think he’s going to spend the night tonight too. Ugh. Can you just go away!? It’s just weird and awkward with him here. He’s in vacation but that doesn’t mean you can stay at my house. Go to your moms house for once. But one thing that got me freaking excited is that were going to Las Vegas during Thanksgiving break for 3 days! I’m so excited. Hopefully i see somebody famous there. Like Paris Hilton. Omg if i met her i would tell her to read my blog and read my Fiction Friday about her. I bet she would crack up cause its all lies.

One thing that’s weird is that he brings the family together. We all have lunch together and breakfast and watch TV. Cause he does it all with us so my mom joins. But its a bit odd for change ya know. Like this morning. My mom never has breakfast with us in the morning. And once her boyfriend did, she joined along. In a way it was awkward cause we were all just sitting and looking at each other eat. Weird.

Once i got home i got a huge packet from La Sierra University. I was like shit they really want me to go there. The even called to see if i got any questions. I just hate the fact its a christian school. I don’t think i would want to go there but it seems super nice and fancy but we’ll see.

I have three worksheets of english homework to do and as always i didn’t do it. Why the fuck am i a huge procrastinator. Your teacher gives you a chance to make up your homework over the weekend and you failed. Gosh i need help. If i use SparkNotes and do it all in study hall, i can actually finish it! But if i hurry. I still need to read the book because were going to do an essay soon and i want pass it.

I’d say today was a giraffe day fulled with procrastination, awkwardness, randomness, and tall giraffe problems. I found out Zayn is 5’4! And that’s super short considered to me. But i don’t care as long as he makes me happy.

Tonight i want to dream with Taylor Swift. But with her song, We are never ever getting back together. It’s so catchy i love it.

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