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1000 Total Blog Views! *derp*


Today i broke record with 1000 blog views in just 4 months! That’s just crazy! Thank you so much. As a writer, its a dream come true. Everytime i see my count grow and grow i just get up and do my little dance. I find it crazy people actually read and enjoy my blog. I haven’t had the chance to really communicate with my readers and followers and i want to know what you think about my blog. Do you enjoy it? Any experiences? For example you read a blog post from my blog live from a LADY GAGA CONCERT WHEN AT ANY MOMMENT SHE CAN WALK BY YOU AND STOP SINGING AND READ THE URL AND READ MY BLOG? Do you find it creppy? Like my starbuck stories post. What’s your favorite blog post? My own meaning of nicki minajs songs masquerade? Cause thats my favorite. Which blog post is always on your mind? The one’s about my annoying love life? Or just comment any comments or questions. Anything really. I JUST WANT TO KNOW these things. I’m dying to know. I see my followers list grow and grow but i dont see any comments from you fuckers but from spam. So now is your chance. Tell me! And thank you. May you all become filthy rich.

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