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My Love Life? Its Complicated

Just to keep you guys updated with my love life, im happily single and currently talking to another guy. I’m such a whore, i know. He just seems so nice and cool. His name is Zayn. He’s so hot. Hotter than the one from One Direction.We even have a date this weekend! I can’t wait! Were going to the movies. Once he told me he wants to go to the movies i was like, Oh my he totally wants to kiss me and hold hands in the dark. Which is fucking perfect. I would be cracking up if he pulled the arm on my shoulder move just like on TV. And if he does do that i would say, you dork get over here. I just hope he kisses me. Just a little peck. He’s also short, for me. That’s called tall giraffe problems. I’m 6’1 he’s 5’4. Can you spell AWKWARD? But i don’t care height is just a number.

Its been a long time since ive made my ex mario mad and jelous. So today i texted Mario and  sent him the picture of Zayn just to get him mad. But i said Maria, pretending to send the picture to the wrong person.The text said, Hey maria heres the picture of my soon to be boyfriend i was telling you. Cute right? And so i sent it and he got mad. He said he was hella pissed until i told him it was the wrong person. Shit i should of said Mario instead. Too bad he’s too sweet. And a big ego. Don’t even get me started. He even saved the picture onto his phone cause he’s cute. So creepy and wierd. Gosh. I don’t even want to know what you will do with the picture at night. I told Zayn and he’s creep-ed out. I would too. And then he texted me back saying, How do you get one of those cute boyfriends? I want one. Bitch you don’t get one cause your fucking prude. You have to give it all when it comes to a relationship. I didn’t even text him back cause i strongly DISLIKE him. And now he’s pulling out random things to text me. He just said, daniel texted me that. And im like what? What are you talking about? Are you trying to get me mad too just like i did to you, saying it was the wrong person? Cause i’m not mad. Try again bitch. Wow! Okay i just a text from him saying that he meant to send the text to his friend Cathy. In a way i hate cathy but she hasn’t done anything to me so. Cathy is his BFF that make it look like they’re a couple. And my friend, who is marios friend too, is telling me that he’s only using Cathy to make it seem he’s not gay. And i don’t think Cathy doesn’t care cause she has a crush on him. Like really bitch!? You can’t hide it at school. But anyways, you have a big mouth. Omg guys buckle up this post is just going to get interesting. Mario just asked me why i didn’t text him back last time i broke up with him, asking why. Um bitch don’t you remember your ego said he doesn’t asks he just accepts it? Finally your ego-less! For now atleast. Well i just explained him everything in 6 texts.  In short his reply was, i know i’m sorry i was a being a douche and i was just tired of the teasing at michigan and i didn’t want it to come back this year. I’m taking Zayn’s advice and won’t reply. Bitch if you want it to come back i can arrange it. Just like Cher Lloyd said, You hurt me and no not physically. I ain’t got no bumps and bruises to show people what your doing to me.

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