Election Day is Tomorrow!

Well tomorrow is election day and i want Obama to win. I really don’t give a fuck who you vote for but i say Obama is the choice. Romney is an idiot. I not convinced that he would be a good president and Obama does. Obama is experienced and he knows what he’s doing and Romney doesn’t. All i want is Romney’s plan with details without mention Barack Obama. Romney says he’s going to invest in private schools for better education. What about kids who can’t afford private school? What we want is a strong public school system to get someone off the streets. Because education is the key to poverty. Obama said that he’s going to invest in new teachers for math and science and thats what we need! I hardly understand math and science. Also, Romney said that hes going to meet on Mondays to get ways to improve the economy. Now thats scary. You need a plan not a meeting. Because when have a plan you get your results and what if’s and see if that plan really will work unlike in a meeting everything is rushed and don’t have much time to really think about it.

So tomorrow make sure to vote and if your undecided, vote for Obama. Obama is experienced and knows what’s he’s doing not Romney. And if Mitt Romney wins, according to Tumblr, i’m invited to a 4 year stay in England! Woo hoo!

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