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Excerpts From My Novel And Other

Today was an odd day… Okay not really. I did nothing. Nothing worth blogging about. I forgot what i was even going to blog about… So you want to know about the book im writing? Since im taking part in the WriMoNo something something novel writing challenge, its been so fun! I’m suppose to write 1700 words a day to be on track to finish on time but yesturday i was 100 words behind and today i didn’t write at all. And i don’t think i will tonight. I’m just very tired. But the book is about a awkward tall teenager Eli, starting school as a junior. And that’s all i got. I haven’t even writen a proposal yet and i don’t think i will. I’m just going to wing the story as i go. Here are some excerpts from my book:

“My name is Eli Giraffe. Not really giraffe, though i really wish it was, but tall like a Giraffe.”

” I just wish a big flying pig came over me and dropped money on me like a piggy bank, so that i don’t have to earn it. I see life as a way to have fun not to work.”

“I won’t have time to get ready for school! Sike. Thank god i’m not a girl. I’m a giraffe. And giraffe’s don’t care about appearence’s. I’m giraffe royalty where everyone else is a peasant to me. Peasant’s going to hate but they are never going to bother me cause they’re peasants and i own them. That is in my head atleast.”

“…she laughs at the back of shirt and laughs even more. She’s probably laughing at my ass. Oh wait nevermind, i just burned myself for that.”

“‘Oh i know. I just want to crush them and have them killed in a zombie Apocalypse.'”

And that’s all you’ll get. For now. Oh now i remember what i was going to blog! Ha!

I’m so not looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is my great grandfathers birthday party and were leaving super early cause its an 3 hour drive. The last time there, i was in trouble for being on a chat where a guy was masturbating… Don’t even ask. But that was like one year ago. Maybe even longer. I just hope that they have forgotten that and now know that ive matured. At this point i don’t even know if i should take my laptop or not. But the bad thing about this is that i might miss saturday night live tomorrow just to go to see my family. Gosh please don’t let anything be awkward too. I know they are my family but i hardly see them. Why do i have to be so awkward. Ah!

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