What This Giraffe Has Been Up To

I’m currently in my spanish class. Were suppose to be doing rosetta stone but i’m not doing shit. Plus i have english homework that i need to research to get done. Great. The reason why i haven’t blogged in so long is because ive been busy. Wednesday was sorta a long day. I was going to blog about my day but i fell asleep. And i’m glad i did cause i have something to add in to my blog post. Yesturday was another long day too. All day i was writing my book for the wrinomo (something something) novel writing challenge. And i just can’t wait for you to read it! I’m still in the process of creating the characters but i’m one hundred percent sure what i want my book to be about. Which is full of drama. I so far have 1600 words into my book and still on the first chapter. I want this book to have a total of 60,000 words. So lets see how this month goes. The tittle of my new book is, The Awkward Life Of A Giraffe. This book is not a memoir. But somewhat reflects who i am. Just by a little.

If i don’t blog today make the bitch to kill is me.

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