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My Dreams Are Becoming A Bitch

Last night i had a dream about a guy. But this time he was skinnier from my last dream on Tuesday. This dream was the night after Halloween so yesterday. It was about me and this guy. We were at Disneyland alone. At first, when i woke up, i thought it was Mario (my ex) but then i remember i was with my guy, passing by Mario, making eye contact and saying, “Oh god. That’s awkward.” And what’s odd is that what i most remembered is that i was with my boyfriend and he was not wearing a shirt but he was wearing a zip up sweater and reading glasses just like Mario does. That’s why i thought it was Mario. It was hard for me to look at the face. And i remembered i was about to kiss him in public but i didn’t want to cause i was thinking about what they think. Almost as if  questioning if i’m the one who is worried about what others think. Atleast in my dream. But i know in reality, i’m not like that. Bitches can hate all they want, i’m happy. I guess what this dream was telling me was to be ready. But i mostly took it as a, your lover is coming, all you have to do is wait. The question here is, Am i really ready for another relationship?

These dreams are becoming a bitch because they’re not telling me who it is. My next dream better clarify everything.

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