Fiction Friday

It’s Paris Hilton! Not The Town Silly Billies

So like the other day i went to the store and the lady made me carry my own bags. Like come on doesn’t she know im Paris Hilton. The one who’s sex tape has been leaked everywhere online. I just wish for one day everyone would dress up like a lollipop. I don’t know why a lollipop but i like the taste. I just don’t know but i love sucking on them all day. One, because they’re sweet and two because that’s what dumb blondes like me do. Plus i have nothing else to do. Maybe that will be my 15th perfume smell. I wouldn’t consider myself dumb anyway. I can count to 100 and act like a fancy buisness woman. And that’s because i’m a good actress. I’m so good nobody even bothers me cause they know i will make the others actresses look like shit. That’s how good i am. Did you even know that i make them girls cry too? It’s like they can’t stand me because i’m too pretty. They say i have big ego but that doesn’t bother me much. Madonna has a big ego and she’s still rich. I just hope my ego inspires everyone to dye their hair blond. If everyone in world were blond the world would be a nicer place. And that means i will be the queen cause i suggested it. Well anyways i’m of to Paris. The city ofcourse. Sorry for the confusion.

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