My day

How I Spent My Halloween

I’m so sorry i’m late! It’s just been a long week. I’m just glad its Friday.

It felt like Halloween day, during school, was a bit cray. I first had Spanish class. We were going to have this project with tortillas to cook in class so we all had to bring something. I brought cookies, cups, and napkins. Someone else in my group brought cheese and someone else brought the tortillas. And so we made quesadillas. I thought everyone else would make them too because they’re easy but noo. Everyone else made burritos or carne asada tacos or taco bell alike buritos with chicken blah blah blah. I’m still jelous. And our group was the only one who made quesadillas. In a way i felt embarrassed but then at the same time its just classwork for spanish class not cooking class. I just wish i ate something good like everyone else did. The quesadillas hardly had any cheese and the tortilla tasted a bit odd. Then after that was cooking class. We were baking cookies. And our cookies tasted like shit like always. I think it was chocolate cookies… I have no idea. All i know is that it tasted weird and the cookies were dark brown. And then it was lunch time. And i got to see all the little creepers at school dressing up so scary. Some where wearing super scary masks. But for the most part alot of people dressed up as sletheren. Scary right? One was like walking super slow around campus which made it super scary.

Then i got home and i did nothing. I don’t even remember what i did… Oh that even reminds me i forgot to watch Duck Dynasty! Fuck. I love that show. But from what i remembered, i was super bored and so i was just outside my house at 6:30, waiting for little kids to pass by to give them their treat. We were giving out popcorn bags. I don’t know man but i think that’s the best treat someone could give. I would love it if someone gave me popcorn. Then after an half an hour i got bored, turned off all the lights and came to my room and watched my all time childhood movie, Scooby doo. Any movie by scooby doo is considered a halloween movie really. But this one was really scary. It’s called, Scooby doo and the ghoul school. I remember i use to watch this movie almost everyday when i was a little kid.

And after that it was time for bed time and so i was just laying in bed, resting my eyes before i start to blog about my day (and that was a fail) and i fell asleep. Like a baby. Then i had a dream, a continuation to my halloween day. I had a dream that Chelsea from Thats so raven, was acting in a horror movie and she was being interviewed. And she said, “For 2 years, ive always wanted to film in a scary movie in this crucible house.” And i was thinking, are you crazy!? This place looks like its haunted. My definition of a crucible house during the dream, is a super old house from the 1600s, like when the salem witch trials happened AKA the origin of the name, that looks super scary at dark and is haunted. And then my sister bought the house. I remember i was walking around the house, which was super scary, and mentally ready for a spirit or ghost to come up on me. I was even going to spend the night at the house and i asked my sister, “Are you sure this house isn’t haunted?” “Yes Daniel im sure.” And then i woke up. I was just glad i woke up. I did not want to see any ghosts appearing at night.

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