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Giraffe Love Problem’s

My love life is a huge mystery. So huge i’m going to die. All day i was thinking about it. Last night i had a dream with a guy. I don’t even know who this person is, the one in my dream atleast. All i remember is that a very sweet handsome guy came to me during school in the gym and i just ran to him and hugged him tightly. Since it was a dream, i felt the hug. It was a great hug. And this time it didn’t feel like a pillow. One thing ive noticed about the hug is that the guy was a bit chubby but he was my prince charming. (Gosh my blog would sound so dope if it was narrated. Omg.) I asked him when i hugged him, “Don’t you care that everyone is staring at us!?” And he said, “I don’t give a fuck.” And that was the spark to my dream. That assured me that, thats (does that even make sense!? Whatever its my blog) my type of perfect guy. Not someone who is too prude like mario and won’t dare to hug me for the sake of what others think about him. I still hate that bitch. I even remember looking at the line of people who was staring at us, it was a long hug, and thinking, i don’t give a fuck, for the first time in my life im happy.

One big mystery is, could my blog been a link for my love life? Since i did mention it earlier on my breakup blog post. Could this be a sign? That the man of my fairytales is coming? To my life and soon to my blog? I just want someone to make me feel alive and happy. Giraffe’s are obviously proven that they’re big dreamers.

All day i was looking for my prince charming and theres one guy from my PE class that is super hot & looks like he could of been the one in my dream. Maybe its not him. Plus he looks straight. But you never know. Just like i did about Mario. But that fucker (Mario) is from michigan who actually cares what they think and acts like a dumb weird straight guy. In a way im still affected but then i remind myself were broken up. Not in a sad way but in a celebrating day. He’s weirdness made me so uncomfertable in so many ways that still effects me today. I still don’t get how and why he cares about what others think. Gosh i just hope he matures. If i see him happily open with a guy at school ill be happy for him as a friend. But still discusted at the weird things he’s done. I just hope i don’t ever talk to him. Its super weird and awkward. I sometimes want to be like the bitch ex. By rolling my eyes and ignoring at him when he says hello. He needs to know what he’s done to me for future reference. My friend told me that mario told her about me and that he was hoping to get to know me better after the breakup. Since i did say no at hanging out with him during lunch as friends. Bitch even by thinking about you makes me feel unconfortable. I told this guy (another discusting gay i hate, secretly) about mario. He was telling me that i was prude after his comment of me, him and this other gay, having a three way sex. Um bitch, that’s disgusting. He’s so dirty. And im not prude, mario is so calm your balls. You obviously don’t know what prude means. He’s also told me that he was a huge flirt on tuesday, two days before the breakup, trying to act straight. When really he’s gay and im sure everyone in his choir class knows. If i found out before the breakup, ooooh i would bitch at him. What a cheater.

Back to my dream, that guy i have a feeling was the one in my dreams, is actually cute. But he needs to talk to me first. Im an awkward giraffe what do you expect!? I’ll see him thursday but we don’t even talk at all. Like always Daniel, expect the unexpected.

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