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Soon To Be A Bad Bitch Publishing Author

Oh my god. Guys, i think my lifetime goal to write a book has began. *Derp face* I signed up for the nanowrimo.org, challange. The challenge is to write a novel all month long and pass writing 50k words. And i signed up for this challenge! Im so excited to get started writing all month long. My novel is going to be about a tall giraffe in high school. More like a comedy and drama book. My whole life i’ve loved books about drama. I don’t know why but its so interesting. Actually, when i was younger, about 13 years old, i was pretty sure i wanted to be come an author and wanted to start writing my book. But all i got done was the characters and never finished writing. It was going to be about my life (so silly right!?) and the drama that happend. I even told my dad i was going to be an author but by now i think he’s forgotten. I also told my aunt about it and promised i would send her the first chapter for her to read. She has published a book in the past and i asked her how much she paid for her books. And after that i was motivated to save up my money til i had $5,000. But i knew i had to write the book first and then save. I even saw myself in stores doing book signings. And for a while this Disney Channel movie (forgot the title) about a teen becoming a famous writer in high school, was my statement at how i was going to make myself into the fame. I was in middle school and at the time i began thinking about what would be the plots to my book and my goal was to get my book published in stores by high school. Gosh what a dreamer i was back then right?

The fact that my young teenage dreams are coming true is whats making me so excited! I’m obviously going to publish it here on my blog when its done. When im older ill try my fucking best to get it published. I will work and think hard everyday in November to make that book appealing for you. If that book gets published im going to be so done with life. AH! As a writer, its majorly a dream come true. Sorry i’m getting annoying by mentioning it again but ah! I’m guessing my final draft book will be done in January. They said something about editing it in December so i dunno.

What im most excited about is that im going to attend to a writing session at a book store hosted by volunteers of the website. I have no idea what to expect. Just the unexpected. Sad thing about it is that the next meet is in two weeks. We’ll see how it goes.

Thank you cruelladekill.wordpress.com for mentioning the site and giving me the idea to start writing my lifelong dream. And dear readers feel free to join the challenge. It’s completly free. Do it for the fun of it. Don’t see it as a challenge see it as a fun activity. That’s what i’m doing.

2 thoughts on “Soon To Be A Bad Bitch Publishing Author

  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I was hoping to take part this year but I ended up writing and completing my book before the month started :( Maybe next year. And you could always self-publish your potential novel as an e-book rather than just put it here on your blog.

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