Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: Twins With Ego’s

Twin brother Cain: My name is Cain almost like McCain, but this is the only time i’m saying this.

Twin Sister Carina: He says that all the time. His ego is the size of Mariah Carey’s ego. I belive i wrote that correctly. Blame it on my manicure. It’s hard to spell will fresh pink nails.

Cain:Those nails look like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry throwed up all over the nails. So girly.

Carina: Shut up Cain! Atleast my boyfriend gets more pussy.

Cain: Your boyfriend is a prostitute. I bet them girls are blind unlike me i would get…. unblind….ed.

Carina: Oh shut up. Your just jealous.

Cain: True true. Why are you even dating him?

Carina: I don’t know i need condoms. Mom doesn’t want to give me any.

Cain: And what do you need those condoms for?

Carina: For my store im opening up.

Cain: A store? A fake one right?

Carina: Yes. Wanna play with me? I’m having a steal one, get one free.

Cain: Get one what? Boner? You NASTY!

Carina: No you get a wrapper. A candy wrapper. Not condoms. Those are for me and my boyfriend to play.

Cain: Oh i get it. Desperate. So today was the best day ever. My mom dropped me and my sister to the mall and i ditched her to go hang out with these girls i saw listening to Taylor Swift. I knew it was Taylor Swift cause they weren’t dancing.

Carina: Today was one of the worst days ever like ever. I was with my brother at the mall and he ditched me. Like like he ran away to talk to these hoes. I’m obviously hotter than them. Not that i want my brother, ew, but that i am so pretty i make girls lesbians. So lesbians i don’t even invite anybody to my birthday party. They don’t even hang out with me at lunch cause they can’t stand me.

Cain: And my sister calls me the ego maniac. Calm yo tits wanna be Madonna.

Carina: At least i’m the queen.

Cain: Yeah the queen who’s career is in the toilet. Your considered a queen cause you were famous back in the old days but now “you” seem like you look desperate.

Carina: No comment. Just that i can see that hikky through your shirt. I think i spelled hikky again. This time it’s my killa weave effecting me.

Cain: Those girls obviously love my nipples. People are so jealous, 4 nipple Harry Styles asked 5 million and 19.99 for a transplant.

Carina: Why an extra $19.99?

Cain: Cause he’s soon going to be in a proactive commercial and he wants me to buy it to help myself.

Harry Styles: So buy it and make me rich! Richer than Justin Bieber. Who’s the dude who’s rocking the long hair now? ME!


Cain: I think you can say 4 things, since he has 4 nipples.

Carina: Just shut up. I want to hear this british boy talk.

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