My day

My Life Changing Field Trip

On Thursday, I went to a field trip for job shadow day. And just like i thought, i shadowed a journalist for a newspaper. Fuck yes. I really didn’t want to a fancy restaurant. It was so much fun though. Well not fun but i was entertained. And not getting my dick sucked you creepy horny guys searching cock related searches on my blog. I first woke up super early to get ready for the field trip. I woke up at 5:30 AM. Which is super early for a giraffe like me. This giraffe loves his 10 hour sleep. I thought it was going to be a drag waking up in the morning but it wasn’t. Then 10 minutes before I was about to leave I remembered that my mom needed to find my permission slip. Great. I don’t want to go to school. So I just made one. Thank god they accepted it. My mother would be pissed if she had to drive back just to sign a paper. Then I met up with my friend to have breakfast at Starbucks and then back to the place where we were suppose to meet. I had coffee and banana nut bread. So delicious. I would have that for breakfast any day. Then we checked in and waited for the buses to leave. As for me, I was going to get picked up. And shockingly, I was the only student who signed up for journalism. Like come on. Who doesn’t want to write for a newspaper for everyone to read. Um I do.

Since I was the only one who signed up for it, I was hoping it wouldn’t be so awkward. But it wasnt, she was really nice and talked for the most of the time, which is a good thing to not make things awkward. We first went to a pumpkin patch because the reporter was going to write a story about the patch and about the little 1st graders visiting it. We first met the owner and she seemed like a really down to earth lady.  She would sponsor schools to go to get little kids interested in agriculture because if we don’t get kids interested were going to be a starving nation. Which proves a point. Watching little kids running to get their pumpkins was so cute. Gosh i wish i got a pumpkin when i was in elementary school. Then we left to her office and then we went to my sisters middle school. She was going to write a story about other high school students shadowing teachers. I was hoping to not see my sister but like always, expect the unexpected. And i got the unexpected, we went to my sisters classroom where a student was shadowing my sisters teacher. When my sister saw me she asked me what i was doing there. She knew i had job shadow day but she didn’t know i was going to her classroom. As my sister was passing out papers, she told everyone i was her brother. Even a little girl came up to me and ask me if we were related. I guess my sister was popular. Everyone was staring at me too. AWKWARD. All i was doing was be at the side of the class, observing with the journalist. Even the teacher came up to me, “Everyone is freaking out that your related to your sister.” “Haha.” How awkward right? Then we had lunch and then back to her office where she started writing and went back to school at 2.

I liked this trip cause now i’m 100% sure i want to be a journalist. You get to travel, get to know the community, and meet new people. Plus you get paid. Instead of being in an office all day, you actually get to travel. And i get to do what i love, write. Plus bitches will read my shit. (Don’t ask why i wrote that.)

This post is too freaking long for revision. Please let me know if anything needs to get fixed. It’s 10:28 and my brain is half dead and its only working to write.  And i don’t mean my attitude or writing style you cunts. I mean spelling or grammar errors.

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