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Finally Single

Well i ended my relationship with Mario on Thursday, october 25th, night. I’ve been wanting to break up with this fucker all week. I just don’t feel happy or in love. He doesn’t even show that he cares about me. I’m always the one who texts him first. And he’s the one who loves me. And has a crush on me. Like make up your fucking mind. Your name is Mario. Who name’s a kid Mario after the game that ends up being killed!? I would imagine, since im a dreamer, i would listen and jam out to break up songs after the text but i didn’t. I was jamming out to them before the breakup as if i did just broke up with him already, making him mad. One thing that did bother me was that he’s ugly as fuck. Thank god he wears cute glasses cause then he would be a joke to the school. A joke that i would promote through my blog and friends. Another thing about him is that he cares about others think. I want someone who says, fuck what they think its all about you and me. And i would have something to blog about. What a clever mind this blogger has right? Another thing that bothered me was the food he ate. He once saw a whole on his pizza and showed it to us. Bitch i don’t want to see that greasy pizza that has a whole through your eye. One day he was eating this discussing burrito from the cafeteria, sunk with salsa. Okay ew. Who the fuck eats that!? Even writing and thinking about it makes me want to throw up. Literally. I can feel a gross feeling down my throat. Yeah, EW! That day, i tried my best to talk to him the least. I don’t want to smell his breath. Plus he always smelled like beans. I wasn’t sure if that was his food from the cafeteria or his scent. Either way, i hated it. One time during lunch, he touched the inside of my friends boot. Cause it was soft and puffy. My friend ask him, “Why did you touch it?” Mario is so random and would do anything. If your shirt had a soft sheep, im sure he would touch it. So his response was, “I don’t know maybe cause you make me horny.” He was obviously playing around but ew. My friends face was priceless though. She was probably saying inside her head, um okay i bet your so kinky in real life. Which is something i seem to believe too. One time during lunch he said, “Wheres Natalie and Alyssa?” “I don’t know. They should be back soon.” “There probably masturbating.” Again he was kidding, but why would you say that? That’s something you probably would do if you had a hot straight friend. He’s said this 3 times to me. Gosh stop it with the sexual comments. You must masturbate to porn alot. Mario also one time texted me a picture of a guy shirtless and said it was him. It was obiviously not him. Watch that ego Mario your not that fit. Gosh Mario your so fucking weird.

I told him it was over at night around 10:30 and went to bed cause i didn’t want to see his reply. I saw his text in the morning and it said, “I understand. Yeah we totally can be friends. Can i still hang out with you guys at lunch?” Bitch i was being nice by saying, i hope we can still be friends. Not that you can hang out with me. I broke up with you so that i don’t see you. Cause your awkwardly weird. My reply was, “No thats just awkward… You don’t even know why i broke up with you.” You idiot. His reply was, “I don’t ask i accept it.” Okay dude watch that ego. I think he’s trying to seem cool when really he’s acting like an ego maniac high.

So this single giraffe is back. I may be mean, bitch or nice. But what i always tell myself, expect the unexpected. On my blog posts obviously.

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