My day

Journalist’s Make Up Their Stories

I guess you can say today was a relaxing day. First thing in the morning i had PE. It seemed like i did nothing cause i didn’t do my workout “correctly”. So that was easy. Then i had US history class. That class was super boring. All we did the whole period was test corrections and book work. And i got an A- on my test! That was unexpected. I thought i got an C. But no i over achieved. Those 3 hours of studying finally paid off. Too bad they don’t give throphys. That would be so cool if they gave me a giraffe thropy. Omg. Once i found out we were allowed to listen to our iPods in class, i was super happy. I could really use music to make me in a better mood. Especially in the morning. I was jamming to Marina and the Diamonds, Cher Lloyd and Lana Del Rey (ofcourse). The person who sat next to me asked me who i was listening to and i said Lana Del Rey. And surpirisingly, she knew her. She’s listened to her song Video Games. Everytime i find someone knows Lana Del Rey i preach that shit by talking on and on about her. And thats because Lana Del Rey isnt too mainstream. But this time she was calling her fat lips Lana. That was mean, but true. I would kiss those lips anyways.

Then i had Geometry, which was boring. All we did was playing with the whiteboards. Then after school i came home, ate, and fell asleep. I was so tired. My mom woke me up after an hour asleep, cause then i “wouldn’t be able to sleep”. Whatever, i don’t mind.

As im writing this, im laying in my bed like a total nerd with my headgear on. I’m super excited for tomorrow! I’m skipping school to go to a field trip. I’m going to Job Shadow day. I don’t know what career i got, but they’re going to tell me tomorrow. I signed up for Journalism, Cooking, and Vetanary. I’m sure i got Journalism cause they told me to dress buisness casual for the trip. I look super different. I wish i had a bow tie to wear so that i could be classy. I went to North county times newspaper, freshmen year. And i hope this year it’s a different place. It’s going to be awkward if they tell me “Didn’t you come 2 years ago?” And im going to be like, noo you’ve got the wrong tall giraffe. I doubt they’ll remember me. But if they do, ill just saw i signed up for something else and it was filled up so they put me into this. We’ll see how that goes. I’m curious to see what its like for an journalist. Maybe ill get to the top of this and find out their stories are fake and made up. And ill write a post about it and my blog post will get so popular and and my blog will be famous! Omg. I’m super excited. But Im mostly excited for tomorrow because me and my friend are going to starbucks for coffee before we go to check in. One, who doesn’t want coffee in the morning!? Especially starbucks!? Starbucks frappuchino in the morning is like finding $100 out in the street. Two, ill finally have instagram pictures to upload! My instagram has been so lonely now. I use to post 3 pictures a day and now i hardly do. Last time i uploaded a picture was saturday. That’s a loooong time. For an instagramer.

Tonight i want to dream about a wonderland with Honey boo boo. Omg i bet that would be the best dream ever. Maybe even better than the show! Omg.

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