My day

Odd Day

Well today was an odd day. Not a crazy day but an odd day. First thing this morning i had spanish class. That class was so boring. I just wanted to die already and go home. I never imagined this day could by any faster. Good thing we had a practice disaster drill, to waste time in class. We first had our earthquake drill. That drill took forever. It was 6 minutes long. Which made no sense cause earthquakes usually last for less than a minute. What made it even sorta worse is that my teacher went behind my desk for the drill. Gosh i’m glad the awkwardness didn’t give us eye contact. He told me,”Daniel looks like he’s going to break his back.” Well duh! Tall giraffe’s don’t fit under the desk. Then it was the lock down drill. We all had to be quiet and turn off the lights. Obvious everyone at my class was talking. My teacher told us,”Imagine it. This is what Anne Frank had to go through. She had to not move at all or use the restroom.” And we all laughed and took it as a joke. He made it seem like it was a joke and being serious at the same time. Good job trying to get the class quiet.

Then after the madness i had cooking class. That class was alright but boring. We had to go to the library to add our food diary to this website and find out if were healthy or not. As i was walking to the library, i was like, oh wait let me wait for my friend. And then i realized i don’t have a friend in that class. Story of my life. <— I took that as joke but you probably took it as a, poor giraffe. I'm fine though im not depressed about it. lol. Except one girl, i knew but she left with her other friend, but i did talk to her once we got on the computers. And appearently i am healthy(!?), i just need to eat fruits.

And then i had english class. We had a substitute. She was so weird. First of all her shirt was a see through, and you could see her bra. And second of all, she dresses like she's in the 70s. And that bothers me so much. As a fashionista (in my own way), it bothered me cause fashion back then was too plain, for the most part. It was all just plain colors and no designs or drawings. Other than the substitute, we were reading The Cruicible which bored and bothered me even more. After class was over, i was so glad. No more English until next week, since my school has block scheduel and i'm off to a field trip thursday (finally something exciting to blog about). After school i did nothing and watched Underemployed. I love that show. It's not as funny as Awkward. but its funny and thrilling in its own way. I loved the way the asian (its the second episode, i don't know her name.) as a writer, came out of the closet. I don't want to spoil the show but you have to watch it.

Tonight i have no idea what to dream about. Possibly about my shoes…? Help! My wonderland dream tonight will not be a sucess. Well maybe it will if its involving shoes. Maybe a wonderland of all the shoes i could ever i want and like & love. I don't know.

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