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Everybody Said, “Oh Daniel Is Such A Dreamer.”

Watching Underemployed reminded me of my hopes and dreams. I have dreams of becoming an famous writer. One that will be recognized out in public. Sometimes i imagine my self walking around target, everyone looking at me and asking for a picture.

I’m fascinated by the way people express themselves in blogs, books, and magazines. I have no idea if it fascinates me by the way its written or its narrated. Isn’t that how narration suppose to be, to make you feel like your in a whole another world, inspiring you? Or does that just happen to tall giraffe’s like me? Cause it’s fucking working. Back to my point, those kind of narration’s that inspire make me want to write my own kind of a character or story, or into into this blog, blog about different ways Wonderland can be lived. Sometimes i wonder what my future will be like. Will i ever be a famous writer? Will i ever get my first article published? Should i believe the spam comments,telling me its hard to believe my blog hasn’t been “discovered” yet?  But why am i saying that now!? I’m only a teenager in high school. They say, there’s art in music but what about in blogging? Or books? My definition of art, is the picture that words make you draw inside your head. I believe that it is art. But a different kind of art. As of now, i dream about my blog, being the worlds most read blog written by a tall giraffe. Bitches look at me thinking their the shit, bitch i make art everyday on my blog, that is shared worldwide. What about you?

My quote is the same as always, “Expect the un-expected.” Some days i imagine what my day would be like and nothing happens what i thought it was. That’s the unexpected. Like my post, My sister sucking cock. I never imagined so many horny fuckers would search discusting stuff on my blog, or that led them to my blog. It’s almost as if its my tool for a brighter day. Like come’on, who wouldn’t laugh at the part that Lana Del Rey was considered an illuminati sucking cock. Um no. Wrong blog.

Gosh im such a dreamer. But isn’t that a good thing? Katy perry dreamed of being a famous singer, and look at her now. She’s famous and divorced after 9 months of marriage.

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