Call Me A Weirdo

It feels like every Tuesday  around 7 or 8, i have an urge to blog. I always say, you little fucker Daniel Giraffe, you will always have something to blog about you just have to think hard about it. When i was mentally writing my last post i started to get teary eyed. I wanted to cry. And just for being silly, i hysterically cried like the movies and then i put my, woo its time to blog Daniel, face. Just like the silly actors do before a play. Like in High school musical. (That’s the only evidence i have, sorry). You know its a true dream when you start to cry, like an idiot for no reason and then get over it 1 minute later. I hear bitches all the time on Disney Channel to dream big, and that’s what i’m doing. My last post was never intended to sound desperate, i just needed to escape writing my self out it. I could write in a journal but it wouldn’t be the same. I guess its the fact you share your thoughts and ideas around the world, make me want to publish it. The problem is that, the world doesn’t know it or me. Bitches can i hate i don’t give a shit. Fame is least priority right now. All i need is money to survive and continuously write for the rest of my life. But we’ll see. Cause knowing me, i will blog about it.

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