My day

Highlight of My Weekend: McDonalds

Well today was a boring day. I woke up and got ready for church. Then after church we had lunch at McDonalds. I’ve been craving this for so long ever since the nearest McDonalds got burned down, its been imposible to eat my chicken nuggets. I don’t care what anybody thinks, i fucking love chicken nuggets. I know its not real chicken but its so delicious. I could eat it all day for the rest of my life and never get sick. Along with BQQ sauce. Ah. My wonderland totally has a Mcdonalds with only Chicken nuggets. Same taste but different colors. Based on your mood. It’s called mood nuggets. Wouldn’t that be so cool!?

After that i just came home and studied all night. Good thing i studied and i actually learned something ill use in real life. Monopoly is a real name. I thought it was a fancy name for the board game but no. The word is inspired by the game. Who would knew US history would be so handy.

I really don’t want to go to school. I hate waking up early. I need a starbucks with extra extra coffee to wake me up in the morning. Especialy on monday mornings.

My weekend is no difference as last weekend. I just stayed home for most of the time. Yesturday i just went out to target and TJ maxx and came home. So boring right?

My mom got back together with her boyfriend on Friday and he came and spent the night. I did not expect this. My mom just said she was going out for dinner and she gets back home with her boyfriend. The last time i saw him was in April. It was super awkward. Even worse, my mom went to go pick up my sister from her friends house (atleast she has a social life) and took an hour to get back home. And i just stayed home with my moms bf watching tv for the hour. It was super super awkward. I didn’t even know what to tell him. Thank god for Gorge Lopez. I hardly saw him yesturday, and i saw him all afternoon, today. And it was still awkward. I just don’t know why, but when i talked to him i was smiling. I’m so odd, i know. I guess i was smiling at the awkwardness. He was telling me earlier, “Good thing were not like girls who take for ever in the restroom. Doing our hair, make up, and showering.” The whole time i was just saying, “Uhm.” What am i suppose to say to that!? “Yeah and we don’t have to shave our vagina either.” Yeah no thank you. So i just said one last, uhm, and ran to my room.

Tonight i don’t want to dream. I just want to sleep until the weekend starts.

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