Why I Love Tumblr At This Time of Year 2

Gosh, the political homor tumblr posts, hasn’t stoped. They’re just getting more hilarious and hilarious by the day. And who’s the prime subject? Romney. Cause he’s a newbie to the fame, obviously.


Word! Romney may say he has a plan but i (we) need details. Full details.


Haha! I find this hilarious. You don’t? That cause your not a tall giraffe.

Romney looks like Clinton and Obama looks like Oprah. But older. And drag queens (if they were).


Lol i can’t. I remember when i first saw this, i started to crack up and my mom was asking why and she called me a political dork.


Romney looks like Alice Cooper. In my own way…?


This is just so hilarious. It’s funny in two ways. One because Obama looks like the type of person who would say that cause he’s black. And two because Romney is always talking shit. Romney we get it Obama “messed up” but nobody’s perfect. And i’m sure you will too if you become president, but even more.

There’s one particular blog post that is just so funny. It’s a text post, that says “Romney sucks pass it on” It currently has over 9 million notes and counting. It’s tumblr most notes, blog post. IS THIS HEAVEN!?


This is so hilarious. My face was the same reaction as the girl.

I got a joke, Romney is like a pack of Roseart color pencils, nobody likes them. Plus there’s nothing you can do when your favorite color is white. (Get it? Cause he’s white) Need ice for that burn? I got that joke from twitter and i’ve always remebered it. So funny. Gosh i love the internet.



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