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Giraffe Material

My mood right now is the shit. It’s the shit cause im in a such a good mood. I went earlier to TJ Max and bought myself some new earphone’s. Cause they never seem to last me more than two weeks. They’re the skull candy ear buds for $7.99. They’re 3 times better and expensive as my past earphones. The sound is amazing. So amazing, i just want to be out in the doors and be quiet and just listen to my music and be in my own wonderland.

Right now, i just want to go for a walk around the beach, in the cold,wearing my  favorite coat, my hands in my pockets, while listening to my music. Almost like i’m a extra for a music video, n0t paying attention to reality. Or for a musical, me running away heartbroken so i go to the beach to walk around while blasting my earphones not paying attention to the others, the peasants.

Gosh i’m such a dreamer. Bitches always say dream big so. Right now i’m home not listening to anything but my music. And singing along like a dying seal. That’s how bad my singing voice is. I’m still going to sing anyways. Right  now, i just want to listen to rap music with cursing lyrics and promoting sex. Like 2 Chainz, “All i want for my birthday is a big booty hoe.” I don’t know why, but i love this kind of music. I find it funny. And i love cursing to songs, like Beez in the trap by Nicki Minaj. That’s why i love Nicki so much, cause she says bitch in every song. But OMG, that song is just pure giraffe material.  Any song that say’s bitches, hoe, motherfucker, ass, sex, HOOKER, and a great beat, is Giraffe material that i will love and never will get deleted from my iPod. Another song i love is Dance Ass feat. Nicki Minaj. That song is just hilarious and my jam. My friends tell me that i have a new yorkian accent when i say, ass. It sounds like im saying, azz. Try saying it, its fun!

My favorite Giraffe Material song by Lady gaga is, Stuck on fuckin’ you. And my favorite lyric is, “Don’t forget me when i leave and go on tour cause i know your life would be a snore. You’ll be stuck on fucking this hooker whore.” Omg, i feel fucking bad ass when i sing that song.

Maybe i shall write a song, cursing. Psh yeah right i suck at writing music. I need a dictionary for that.

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