My day

My Very Cray Day

Well today was such a cray day, in my own way. First thing this morning i had PE. We had a substitute, which made it all better, i hate my teacher cause she actually makes us sweat and sore. I don’t think i’ve actually sweat one bit today. We were suppose to run the track but my friends and i walked it instead. The substitute didn’t even care, i like him. But i still found it creepy he was walking around the locker room, watching us change. One thing i noticed is that Ny friends have such a creative mind when it comes to killing, its so damn scary. They were talking about how they would kill the pesants by making putting them into a shreder and into the carbage truck and they would be converted into scrap metal and be sold for materials for a chair, a chair that they would sit and fart all day for revenge. I do not want to mess with them. I don’t think nobody can come up with something like this, just them. That’s called creativity. Scary creativity. Then after, we went out to get water and we always mess around and wet each other with the water thats in our mouth and skirt out all on our faces. And they obviously they got me. Twice. Bitch i’m a tall giraffe, don’t mess with me. Just not on Thursdays. I got my friend once and the other one, had water waiting for the perfect time. So i was just like running away, and when she squirted it all on me, i covered my face by extending my hand to her face, hurting her eye. It was obviously an accident. I felt soo bad. I told her sorry like 85 times. She even went to the nurse. It was not even swollen it just hurted. But she said it was all good. Cause the nurse gave her free food to “make her feel better”. What’s still strange is that I still have that same feeling on my hand, when i hit her. It feels so weird. Maybe it’s good luck wanting me to play at the casino. Yeah psh yeah right!

Then it was US history class, and all we did was watch a movie. It was An American Tail. That movie was alright, it was so boring too though. I just wanted to sleep and lie my head on my table and sleep, but i couldn’t cause i sit all the way in the front and my teacher would of woke me up. Great. Plus i wasnt wearing my sweater and if i put my head down, my shirt sleeves would go up and you could see my armpit hair. No thank you.

Then i had geometry class. That class was so boring, oh my god. I was suppose to leave early to go to this college presentation during class but that was a fail. The teacher called my teacher, and she didn’t want to answer it. I guess cause it bugged her. So she just unplugged the phone line. Great, that was my pass out of class. But then later i got a pass, thank god. I was the only one of the entire school interested of going to the La sierra university presentation. Guys, it a pass out of class, why wouldn’t you want to!? Maybe not alot of people wanted to go to the presentation, because it was a private school. I didn’t even know if it was a private school until the presentation. That school seems nice and fun. But it wasn’t like screaming at me. I still have time to think about it. I was hoping to stay until school was over, but since i was the only person there, it went by fast. Then i got back to class and i was looking at the flyers they gave me, and i read it was a christian school. The lady never told me it was a christian school. Don’t you think its something she should of told me from the start!? Um yeah i’m totally not going to that college. I’m not even christian. Maybe i can fake it, but still probably not going.

And that’s how my cray day went. At school atleast.

I’m also proud to announce today, i reached 31 blog followers. Which means for every blog post i publish, you or they get an email. Gosh thank you so much! 31 people is still alot, its just about the size of my US History class, but instead you guys all love me (i hope). 31 people thinking about me. I find that mind fuck. Can we be best friends? I would of never of thought i would ever gotten this many followers. It’s still a shock i even have followers. I love all, my dear readers. May you all become filthy rich. The hater’s can choke eating a corn dog.

Tonight i just want to sleep and not dream. Too much cray into my day.

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