My Horror Movie Dream

The other night i had such a weird dream, yet so scary. I had a dream that illuminati were taking over. First your forced into the illuminati when your a teenager and you start a journey along these flying benches almost as if you were watching a movie of exploring the world. It reminded me of the scenery of Harry Potter and its flying candles. I guess, since your now illuminati you won’t have a chance to see the world and the movie was a way to make it up for it.

The whole time i was watching the dream and yet at some parts, i felt that i was fighting the illuminati’s even though i didn’t see my body. I remembered they had a day all set, to take over the world. The leader told them, “You need strength? We will give it to you. As time passes by, you would become stronger and stronger.” And i would see the illuminati fight the humans, killing them like in the movies. And what made them stronger was these candle looking, thingy’s that you had to break almosy as if you have to brake the bottle and would release the chemicals to let out and come into your body to make you stronger. And every couple minutes new candle’s would magically appear. The stronger they got, the bigger and the more of a zombie you looked like. And then i woke up cause i got so scared. I actually thought it was real life.

I never knew that zombie’s were illuminati’s too. Atleast in my dream they were. Take my dream, as a, get ready for this to happen, kind of theory. Though i highly doubt it will happen cause it’s a dream. My dream looked so much like a movie, is what impressed me the most, in a way. If i’m rich in the future, im totally going to make this dream come into action to a theaters near you… In the next 15 years.

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