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Revolutionary Blogs by Different Daniel’s (I Obiviously Don’t Know What To Tittle This Blog Post)


This is a legit search term on my blog, who someone searched this on my blog. Gosh i hope it’s true! But i wonder if they’re talking about me. If anyone say’s i’m doing a revolution blog, i’m fucking flattered. I’ll jump up and down all day, cause that’s something big. Though it’s hard to believe cause my blog isn’t discovered… Yet. I’m getting 10 blog views daily, my blog isn’t famous. Though, if you google that search term my first blog post is this. So i should get an award for this right?

How many Daniel’s out there have a blog anyways. Based on Google, there is a blog runned by a Daniel from New Zeland. Maybe he’s “hot” in New Zeland. Which is hard to believe cause his blog is boring. In my opinion. There’s this christian Daniel blog. Which is believe-able cause Christians might find his blog revolutionary, even though he’s an author. And yet, it’s boring, for me. But if you were looking for my blog, then your on the right track! Though, what’s so revolutionary about my blog? My fiction friday’s? All i do is bitch about my daily life, cause that’s what a blog is right? A place where your mind has a place to shit crazy thoughts to entertain. At least that is for me.

Once i saw this, i said, fuck the other search term, this is the best search term ever! It’s like telling me, my blog is amazing. I was jumping up and down cause i would never would of expected this. Gosh, i love my readers!

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