My Weird Notes

Gosh i was so weird.


Yes i’ve had this ipod for this long. Anyways, i remember this. I was at my moms friends parents house and i was so bored. Even 16 year old were drinking at this party. How imature right? For the record, i have not drinked one sip of beer, YET. I find it discusting. A smell i can’t handle.


These are the lyrics to lady gaga’s song, Government Hooker. I’m not that creative or kinky to write these kind of lyrics. I’m pretty sure i was listening this song and i felt the urge to listen to write. This was before i was obsessed with blogging so.


These are my collection of jokes. I’m so bad at jokes. I would be a fail if i were to do stand up comedy. I’d be the person who would crack up at, because im so bad.

That’s all i have. The rest are just post idea’s that i must not reveal.

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