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My AWKWARD Love Life

After watching re-run’s of Awkward, i was inspired to blogged about my love life. I met a guy, named Mario. We’ll he sorta met me. He first layed eyes on me when he was hanging out with his friend, who is my friend too. He wouldn’t stop staring at me and i found it creepy. Then my friend, Christine came to up to take pictures of me, out of nowhere, like a paparazzi, cause Mario wanted pictures of me, to last longer, staring at me. I knew about this the day after, when Christine told me everything. In a way i was flattered he liked me and found me hot, but still creepy.  My friends kept messing around with me, uhh Daniel he likes you, you should date him. And i kinda did want to date him but i don’t know him. Then about 2 weeks after, his friend, that is in the same club as me, gave him my number to text me. Why not give him chance. Then on the same day, after a couple texts, he said, Im just going to cut to the chase, do you want to go out? I said no cause i bearly know him. I wanted to get to know him more, and once i told him, he understood. Thank goodness. Then the next day, it was a friday, Christine brought him over with us during lunch to hang out. I hardly talked to him, he mostly talked to my friends cause they’re not as awkward as i am, and are more open. I was just there on the side laughing just like them. The only time we talked, was when he asked what my last name was, and once i told him i right after threw something to the trash right when he was going to say, oh my last name is__. I felt bad, i hope he understood. Then that same night, it was the homecoming football game. And i went and so did Mario. He’s in choir so he had to go to sing before the game. I was sorta looking forward to hang out with him but he was leaving at halftime. Plus he was hanging out with his friends, and it would be super awkward. Then a couple minutes after he left, he texted me and said, So you want to make it official? And i said, Yes! I kinda didn’t want to say yes, cause it would be the second time to turn him down. Plus something was telling me to say yes. It was my gutt. And i always listen to my gutt.

We’ve been together for about a week, and it’s super awkward. Last friday was a week, dating. I would expect an, Happy one week, text but no. I guess he forgot, cause i know i did. I just remembered on sunday, it was a week on Friday. Whatever i’m over it now. But what makes this relationship awkward is that we hardly talk during lunch. Nothing has really changed after we were official. He talks to my friends during lunch, or to Christine. I just don’t know what to tell him. We talk the most when we text each other. And when we do talk, he brings up random stuff. Like, “So you like cheeze its!?” Yes i do, can you make this any more awkward? He’s also close with his best friend. Too close. They hold hands. They’re probably best friends with benefits. But i doubt it’s true. It’s just my crazy wonderland, thinking it. I was on the edge of breaking up with him, because our relationship is too awkward. But i guess what we need is a date. I’m going to give him a chance and go out on a date with him, hopefully this weekend. God, i hope things don’t get too awkward this weekend.

So this is why i haven’t blogged as much as i use to. Because i was texting my man. I will still try my best to blog as i use to. It’s crazy how love takes over your hobby/dreams. Awkward or not awkward. Gosh why did am i an awkward giraffe? Oh right, so that i have something to blog about.

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