My day

Me As A Jock

Well today was a good day. First i had PE. Nothing really to tell. Just that i never finish my workouts “in time” because i don’t know when to stop. I didn’t know how many pull ups or jump ropes i was suppose to do. But the thing is that alot of people didn’t finish so i think my teacher gave us full credit. Hope so. I need to pass the class. Thank god we didn’t do any weights today.

Then i had US history and that class was boring and then geometry, and that was boring too. There’s nothing really to tell about my day, how sad, so let me just fictionally blog about what my day could of been if i was a jock, just for the fun of it and because the post is too short already.

I woke up this morning and i felt the need, more like urge, to work out for my guns. Gotta work for those lady’s ya know. I woke up at 5, breakfast at 6 and then school morning workout. Today’s workout at school wasn’t accomplished as i wanted, cause i needed them girls to fangirl as a sort of encouragement. All i need one girl. That’s all. Maybe “the one” is getting her beauty sleep. I still need the encouragement. My ego won’t get any bigger or smaller.(!?)

Then i had PE. PE was alright i finished my work out in 15 minutes. Them girls wouldn’t stop stairing. One even came up to me and gave me her number. She’s short and a freshmen. Um no. Im a tall giraffe. That won’t work out. I like PE, its just that’s its too easy. I really wish we did weights, i find that super fun.

Then i had US history. Soon im going to be in that book, and they would talk about the history i had with them girls, loving me. I don’t think ill ever date them, i like to be a troll and get a girlfriend that’s a whore. Anyways, class was boring.

Then it was lunch time, and it was boring and the same as always; them girls wouldn’t stop walking around the school, as an excuse to look at me.

Then it was geometry. I like that class cause i get along with the girl next to me. She seems DTF (down to fuck) but for now were friends. We took a test, it was super hard. When are we going to measeare the area of my guns!? Cause that’s all i want to get out of in geometry class.

Then i got home and ate like a horse and went for a jog and now blogging. I might as well link my facebook friends my blog URL, but if i did, the girls would create world war 3 against me. I’ll get the fanbase i’ve always wanted but i don’t think its worth my reputation. Good night to you, and may you get all the pussy or dick you’ll like.

Gosh that was fun. Tonight i would like to dream about me being a jock. That would be so cool to see.

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