My day

My Spanish Teacher Hates Me, Quishe Is Discusting, I Really Need a Nerd

Well today was a long day. Don’t know how or why, but it was a long day. This morning i had spanish class. Remember how i was worried about my grade in the class? Well i now totally have an D in the class. I have a feeling my teacher hates me. I failed the test with a 60% and he’s making us retake it. He said i have to come to saturday school or thursday after school. Bitch im not waking up EARLY on my weekend just to retake my test that will take me 30 minutes to complete and i still have to stay till 12PM. Plus this giraffe needs its sleep. I’m going to retake it Thursday anyways. On another note, i think he secretly hates me. When ever he passes back our work, he says everyone’s name with a happy tone and with me he says it with a normal tone. I don’t know why he’s hating. All ive done is bitch about him on my blog. I highly doubt he’s read my blog. Maybe it’s my “Ugly grandma” hand writing that makes him dislike me. Bitch i was born this way.

Then i had cooking class and today we cooked quiche. That shit was discusting. I hated it. It tastes like eggs and i hate eggs. I only had like 3 bites and then the after taste started to kick in and made me want to throw up. Ew. Is it quishe or quiche!? I don’t even know but it looked good yet it looked like burnt sponge bob was ready to be eaten. So discusting.

Then i had english class, which was boring as always, then came home and did all my homework. So boring and exhausting. I’m just glad its finished. Sometimes i just wish nerds were easier to hire to do your homework, to get it done as fast as a pizza deliverer would take to deliver. That would be heaven. Good thing i won’t have homework to do tomorrow. If i did have homework, i wouldn’t of done it anyways. Hopefully ill get some blog posts done. We’ll see.

Tonight i still want to dream with a place were giraffe’s don’t have homework. I’m all tired and exhausted cause of it.

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