My day

Where’s The Fairy Dust At!?

I did nothing all day. Just stayed home all weekend. So boring, i know. I wish i blogged all weekend but my mom was around and it would be awkward blogging in front of her or coming in my room reading the post. The only time we got out of the house was when we went out to eat. BORING!

I was going to do my homework today but as always, i love to do every thing at the last minute. I had 3 section of history notes to do. Gosh what a drag. I promised myself i would do it this weekend but that was a fail. Why do i have to do everything at the last minute!? Oh right cause i’m fucking lazy. I probably need some fairy dust to give me energy to do my homework. I did nothing all day anyways so why didn’t i do it!? Ahhhh. Whatever its too late for that anyways.

I was going to publish Fiction Friday yesturday but i got half of it done and my laptop was being so slow. Plus im glad i wrote it all today. Some things i wouldn’t of mentioned, if i wrote it yesturday. Hopefully ill get these Fiction Friday’s back to being published on time. Even if i have to scheduel it. Again, i need the fairy dust for this one too.

So tomorrow is monday… Well shit. I so don’t want to go to school. I hate it all. Though this coming school week, im getting all my homeowork done on time. A fairy dust request for that one too. It’s not that i don’t like my teachers it’s that i hate doing the work. Oh i just remembered i forgot to do my spanish homework. Well great! I’m probably going to have a D plus in that class. God i hope not. Fairy dust, please keep my grade to a C.

If fairy dust were real i would preach it as if it was nutella.

Tonight i want to dream about a place where Giraffe’s like me don’t have school. Just a wonderland full of unicorns and madness. Yes, madness. Just like in the movie, Alice in wonderland the animated version. EXCATLY similar to it. Got that fairy dust?

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