What's on my mind


Lana del rey, your fucking up my mind. In a good way. Gosh lana, your all i think about everyday. I hate say this but i actually love lana del rey more than lady gaga, for the moment. I use to listen to lady gaga everyday, and crave to get home and listen to her music and now its the exact same thing but with lana del rey. Plus my super gaga fans (little monsters) friends agree with me, we need new music. She’s getting sorta old. I SAID IT!

Today i saw the music video for Ride, and oh my. That music video changed the way i see the song and the way i see the new era of her. Gosh. The video is my favorite so far. Lana del rey is a fucking genius. Based on the video, my theory on the video is that the song ride is reflected by the long ride she made to be who she is and what got her to that place with her soul mate. The video says, age is just a number, all over it. So romatic it makes me want to cry.

The tone she sings in the song, totally reflects the video. People on youtube, use to hate the way she sings in the song but now they probably shut up after the video. For me, the tone in the song is the exact tone saying, “Gosh i fucking love you baby daddy.” If that’s what you nailed for lana, you nailed it! Perfectly nailed it! I just also love the way Lana Del Rey acts in her videos. Its obvious that she really really does get into character, better than anyone else in the music industry. She is so artistic. My emotions right now is, ajhcksuskcykshcuydjduxicykcidkcu kcuckdi udchsihcj.

When i saw that she had a promo page on the vevo app, i was screaming, noooo! I don’t want her to become famous. I like her the way she is right now, not well known. But she diserves fame and money. She can all my money, shit. I want my mind to be continued being fucked.

I now get why Lana doesnt tweet too much, atleast i think i do. Because she’s madly in love and when your madly in love with someone, you sorta put aside the world from you, like your cell phone and the internet. That what she made it seem like in the music video. I don’t think i can see her cell phone in her pockets. Unless she hides it inside her boobs.

I had no idea that lana del rey would change my life, when i went to the store to buy her album. I started to really understand her music until May, after i finished reading Osho’s book about creativity. Thats when i started to really pay close attention to Lana.

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